Productivity for Estate Agents

No matter what your position in an Estate Agency is, being more productive with your time spent at work can only work out well for you.

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Sleek v2.0 public release is here

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Coding collaboration with over 200 users at once

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Real-time code save every 0.1 seconds

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Whether it be a case of being able to focus on more meaningful tasks because some of the simpler tasks are being automated or closing more deals to earn more commission because you have more advanced systems telling your team who to contact and when.

Productivity is at the heart of all businesses and the systems you use should clearly enhance your company’s levels of productivity.

The frustration for many agents is that the tools they attempt to integrate into their business actually end up causing more issues in using them and the extra work they create than the problem they were trying to solve in the first place!

  • It is common for agents to either find themselves knee deep in a range of different products and systems that were all supposed to improve their life but have now become impossible to manage and keep on top of.

Alternatively, agents can also find themselves worried about if any of the systems they invest in will ever actually get used or if they will end up being just an expensive toy in the cupboard.

The Ultimate Goal in Terms of Productivity Tools for Estate Agents

  • A system that seamlessly works in the background of an agents everyday life, helping to not only keep them focused on the tasks required but to also give them a helping hand at the things they may forget or are not so great at.
  • The system should not only give obvious productivity benefits but also be simple to use and have an ongoing onboarding experience that ensures adoption by you and your team.

Lifesycle has solved these problems for countless estate agencies due to a number of important factors.

  1. The first being that the systems functions have been thought out by estate agents for estate agents meaning that the flow and wording of everything inside the system is simple to use as it is already in a language you are familiar with.
  2. The second is that Lifesycle has quite ridiculously awesome levels of onboarding and support! Not only do our team build out your entire system for you but you will have regular mentoring sessions, become part of a Facebook group of Lifesycle users to share thoughts and ideas, have the option of attending biweekly training sessions on specific parts of the system, quarterly workshops and using our 24/7 support. And the final and most important point is that Lifesycle makes it super easy for you to see just how much the system is improving your productivity with simple to read dashboards.

Allowing you to instantly see simple things like:

  • How many portal leads Lifesycle has qualified for you.
  • How many portal leads have not yet been actioned.
  • Who your most productive members of the team are and how often the system is contacting people for you, in order to stay top of their thoughts.

Lifesycle is more than just the ultimate productivity tool for estate agents, it is the best member of the team you’ll ever have.

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