AI-based Websites

Neuron transforms your website instantly to match visitor profiles, creating personalised experiences that boost conversions. Utilising Lifesycle's insights, it tailors content to engage customers effectively—showcasing success in selling properties in their area to potential sellers and presenting property searches to buyers, all to drive more business through your estate agency website.

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Neuron AI-based Websites by Iceberg DigitalNeuron Estate Agency Websites

"The Business has more than doubled in size since I joined Iceberg"

Ben Roberts, Director of 1 Branch Keystone Estate Agents

Ownership - Sleek X Webflow Template

Potential listings

Our AI swiftly identifies visitors on your website, scanning Lifesycle data to tailor content instantly. For potential listings, it could display your success in their specific area directly on the homepage, enhancing engagement.

Efficient Teamwork - Sleek X Webflow Template

Market Appraisals

For people that have already had a Market Appraisal with you but have not yet come to a decision, perhaps you would like them to see lots of testimonial videos or quotes from happy clients regardless of which page in your site they are looking at.

Commitment - Sleek X Webflow Template

Build relationships

Estate agency thrives on relationships, and with Lifesycle's ability to discern visitor circumstances, your website can offer tailored guides, whether for first-time buyers or downsizers, ensuring relevance and engagement.

The steps to creating a website that finally give you and your visitors what you need.

Give your website visitors an experience unlike any other with personalised content, and an interactive journey to generate you more listings.

Publish Easily - Sleek X Webflow Template

1. The mainframe

You will spend a day with our team as they use professional techniques to take a deep dive into uncovering what your business really stands for in order to create a mainframe document that is all about your business. This will not only form the template for what the website is trying to achieve but will also act as a guiding light for your business in the future.

Unlimited PTO - Sleek X Webflow Template

2. The content

The most critical part of a website is its content and often this is also the most overlooked part . At Neuron we will remove this stress and as part of our service we will send the UK's no.1 property videography company to your location with a detailed brief from the mainframe document to get tons of video and photo content that will be used to personalise the site.

Remote - Sleek X Webflow Template

3. Show exclusive data

Offer a wealth of information, from comprehensive data on houses, areas, and the property market to matching potential buyers or tenants. Let users explore properties on an interactive map, drawing and searching with ease.

Edit Content - Sleek X Webflow Template

4. Deliver a personal experience

Deliver personalised content tailored to each visitor's profile. and engage your users with an interactive experience that increases engagement and drives conversion.

"Iceberg is the holy trinity of PropTech"

David Lindley, CEO of By Design, one of the fastest growing Estate Agencies in the UK and ex CEO of Fine & Country

Over 3500 agents across 600+ branches have grown with Iceberg

“We needed a way of operating that the CRM's could offer”
“It really is half the price of a crap neg”
“Having great technology has helped us to be better agents”
“Grow by 20% without adding people”
“There is nothing else like it - it is a game changer”
“Working with Iceberg Digital changed my life”
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