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Lifesycle is the world's-first estate agency software that combines traditional Estate Agency CRM and marketing software in one platform. Lifesycle allows you to manage your everyday tasks as an Estate Agent while delivering ongoing communication, gathering automatic feedback, and identifying where the best opportunities for new business are likely to be.

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Estate Agents SoftwareEstate Agency Software by Iceberg Digital - Lifesycle CRM

Why you're here?

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Elevate your success

You are no run-of-the-mill Agent; you push every boundary to reach your highest potential, with communication and customer experience leading your priorities of unrelenting success.
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Join the estate agency revolution

You want innovation, seek growth, and long to be part of a community of like-minded Agents and the pioneering force in "The Estate Agency Revolution".
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Embrace the digital world

Outdated technology, ticketing systems, and not knowing if you're making the right decisions engulf your every move. You desire ongoing training, the best support, and success in a digital world.

Estate Agent CRM Software

Lifesycle has it all; everything that you would expect in a traditional Estate Agency CRM. Lifesycle also has many other features you won’t be expecting, as well as many innovations to the ones you would. We like to call this ‘Rocket Fuel’, and we added loads of it to everything and in the process, and created a few new features that you will not find in any other CRM.

Estate Agent CRM Software

Estate Agent Marketing Software

Lifesycle sets itself apart from all other Estate Agency CRM providers by reviving your existing database and sharing new listings with your community as soon as you get them. Lifescyle will generate enquiries, provide actionable lists, and gather automatic feedback on viewings, all while delivering ongoing communication and providing the ultimate source of new instruction leads to call in real time.

Estate Agent Marketing Software

In 2023 Lifesycle generated £33m worth of fees for our clients

We are dedicated to continuing this momentum and helping our clients achieve their business goals. Book a demo today to explore how we can maximise your earning potential and elevate your success.

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Lifesycle - Estate Agents Real EstateCRM Software that works for you

Estate Agency Software that works for you

Lifesycle centralises all your needs in one platform; Marketing, Listings and Leads – a world-first, giving you the ability to work smarter through both automation and actionable lists.

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1. Grow your business

Lifesycle will revive your existing database, and automatically sharing new listings with your community as soon as you get them.

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2. Improve your customer experience

Enable your prospects to register themselves into your database, receive instant property matches, and automatically qualify themselves.

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3. Expand into new areas

Create your areas of interest, and let Lifesycle identify properties that are either not yet on the market or on the market with another agent.

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4. Free up your time

Leave the hard work to Lifesycle, browse through the many already available automation rules, easily activated with a click.

Estate Agents, take back control

Discover how Lifesycle will grow your business, improve your top line, and remove your reliance on the portals.

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