Taking Estate Agents To The Next Level

Our mission empowers estate agents to enhance efficiency and profitability through a specialised CRM designed for sales growth. Proven effective, over 650 branches have leveraged our software, websites, strategies, and coaching to become more visible and scalable, including some of the UK's top-performing independent agencies.

Due to this success we have had to introduce a waiting list, as we work to meet the high demand and expand our services.

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Why you're here

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You want to make more profit in sales

A CRM that helps you fulfil business in all departments is great in the early days but Lifesycle is the secret behind some of the best independent agents moving their sales departments from good to great.
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You don't just want 'a new software'

You want innovation, seek growth, and new knowledge with Iceberg you get access to a community of like-minded Agents all sharing their knowledge, our Elite Performance Coaches and access to some of the World's top business mentors.
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You are looking to move to the next level

Most of our clients are 1 to 10 branch independent agencies that have been around 4+ years, are looking to move things up to the next level and would choose value over cost. If they can see the ROI is a no brainer.

In 2023 Lifesycle generated £55m worth of fees for our clients

If you take a look under the hood of many of the most profitable, fastest growing Estate Agencies in the UK, you'll find Lifesycle sitting there doing its thing.

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Lifesycle - Estate Agents Real EstateCRM Software that works for you

Estate Agency Software that works for you

Lifesycle centralises all your needs in one platform; Marketing, Listings and Leads – a world-first, giving you the ability to work smarter through both automation and actionable lists.

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1. Bring your archive to life

Lifesycle will revive your existing database, and automatically find you gold that you didn't even know existed.

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2. Find new potential listings eariler

Enable your prospects to register themselves into your database, receive instant property matches, and automatically qualify themselves. Then let our AI find you all the people with properties to sell in your area.

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3. Build relationships while you sleep

Lifesycle will continually put the right content infront of the right people via social media and email forever, when you do get a call or reach out, it is like they already know you.

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4. Free up your time

Leave the heavy lifting jobs to Lifesycle, no more registering applicants or chasing for viewing feedback. No more writing content or property descriptions. Allowing you to reinvent the way your sales team work and focus on new listings and sales.

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