Prospecting for Estate Agents

Prospecting for real estate agents has stayed the same for decades, with most traditional methods merely grabbing at low-hanging fruit, and never delivering a constant source of prospects. But there is a solution to this problem, and it starts with this.

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Prospecting for estate agents seems to have stayed the same for decades and revolves around sending leaflets to reach potential new listings before they hit the market, or sending letters to current listings in order to beg for the business to come back to you. On top of this there is the old-fashioned door knocking that no one, including the public, likes!

The frustration around better prospecting for estate agents is that even if you do not believe in these out-of-date methods, sometimes it can be hard to think of another way.

  1. If things are quiet then it seems to be an in-built response for agents to order 10,000 leaflets to be printed and distributed.
  2. Or have letters going out to current listings for the fear that every other agent is doing it and they might miss out.

The Problem with these Prospecting Methods

Is that once the leaflet drops or mass mailing of letters has been sent it has no long-lasting effect on making your life easier, and as such you will find yourself back in the boat of doing this year after year forever.

Actually, the solution to this has been proven in other industries and is spoken about in depth in the book, The Estate Agency Revolution.

  • Because of the digitalisation the world has experienced over the past 30 years, it is important for agents to look to build ‘digital versions’ of the areas they cover.
  • It is no longer good enough to just look for the immediate low hanging fruit through a leaflet drop, but instead agents must look to build as many digital profiles of the homeowners in their area as possible.

That is the main goal of their marketing in today’s world as the agents that invest in doing this will slowly start to find their life becoming easier and easier as they are able to communicate with more and more people in their target market through SMS, email and social media consistently and at will.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple have shown the world how this is possible.

But how can a small business operate on the same basis as a global giant?
Fortunately, Lifesycle has been built on the same basis as these global mega giants.

Our CEO, Mark Burgess, is the best-selling author of multiple business books and speaks at both national and international events about how businesses build their prospecting in the modern world and Lifesycle has been built over years directly from his brain, so the hard work has been done for you:
Simply by doing your everyday work, Lifesycle will build your business for the future and over time, your life will not only start to become easier but your business more valuable and less disrupt able by the competition.

The Future of Prospecting is to look at The Complete Lifecycle of your Clients.

Welcome to the future of prospecting.
Welcome to Lifesycle.

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