Conference Coming Soon! EAX9 - Mastering The New Era

Our Estate Agency X Conference returns this year for EAX9 'Mastering The New Era' in a new central London location! Join us for a day of speakers on technology, branding, and innovative ways of working and thinking. Register your interest today for when we release tickets to avoid missing out!

Conference Coming Soon! EAX9 - Mastering The New Era

Are you navigating the challenge of staying relevant in your marketplace?

Do you aspire to grow and scale your independent estate agency but feel unsure where to begin?

Are you intrigued by the potential of AI to revolutionise your business?

Are you frustrated by ever-increasing portal costs and struggling to devise a plan to reduce dependency on them?

Join us at EAX9 'Mastering The New Era' as we approach 2025, halfway through the decade and in this new era of technology, branding, and innovative ways of working and thinking. With limited spaces available on 4th October 2024, our exclusive conference offers an unparalleled experience, free from the typical supplier gauntlet and uncomfortable seating.

At EAX9, we will address the critical issues facing estate agents today, including the danger of being seen merely as middlemen for portals like Rightmove, the challenge of public perception, and the need to demonstrate real value. We will explore the rise of the self-employed model and what this holds for the future of traditional independent estate agency.

We aim to provide strategies that help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your position, offer real value, and reduce reliance on traditional portals.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business. Join us on the 4th of October 2024 at EAX9 'Mastering The New Era' and take the first step toward a more successful and independent future.

Why Attend?

Cutting-Edge Insights - Discover the latest technologies and trends shaping estate agencies.
Practical Strategies - Learn actionable tips to boost fees, capture market share, and elevate your brand.
Personalised Playbook - Craft a post-event plan tailored to scale and thrive in the evolving market.
Networking Opportunities - Connect with industry leaders and other agents who share your ambitions.
Exclusive Content - Access speakers designed to equip you with essential tools for success.
Comfortable Setting - Enjoy the day in plush armchairs at our central London venue near Liverpool Street Station.

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