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Generating leads is essential for any business, but it is especially important for estate agents who rely on commissions to make a living. But what is the best strategy to approach lead generation for estate agents?

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Leads for estate agents come in 4 primary categories, Vendors, Landlords, Buyers and Tenants and form the lifeblood of their sales and lettings business.

However, these 4 categories create further subcategories that generate revenue too, which we will discuss in a moment.

  • Traditionally it is more the Vendor or Landlord leads that agents are primarily interested in more so than the buyer and tenant enquiries, as they are easier to come by, but more recently agents are capitalising on this mindset in order to supersede their competitors.

If agents receive an enquiry from a potential vendor or landlord, they usually react very well but buyer and tenant enquiries can often slip through the net for a busy estate agency, especially if they are hard to get in touch with. Fixing some of these issues using a more tailored and advanced software for these needs can have a huge impact on an agent’s profit.

The Frustration for Estate Agents

It is just not humanly possible to always be in the right place at the right time for every single potential bit of new business.

For instance, estate agents are generally very well drilled on the type of questions they should be asking all buyer enquiries in order to maximise opportunities, i.e;

  • “Do you have a property to sell?” and if yes “would you like a valuation?”
  • Or “do you require a mortgage?” And if yes “would you like some idea of the costs from our mortgage advisor?”.

However, strangely buyer enquiries are quite often notoriously difficult to get in touch with, this leads to a backlog of work, contacts slipping through the cracks and a rush to just get people booked into their viewing with as little fuss as possible. Even potential vendor leads from people that have done instant valuations or even had you round to their property for a valuation can only be followed up with for so long before they eventually hit the waste paper basket.

The Solution for Estate Agents
In an ideal world, an estate agency system would remove the leg work out of these leads, no matter if they are vendors, landlords, buyers or tenants. Allowing you and your team to only get disturbed when the moment is ripe for them to step in and do their magical human part of the process.

  • For instance, is it really necessary that in today’s world you should have to phone or email every single tenant or buyer enquiry manually in order to ask them the same questions every single time?

Surely that could become an automated process and if so how much time would that save you?!

  1. Once ‘qualification’ was completed the right team member could be alerted that they have a fully qualified buyer or tenant to now deal with and already know that person has a property to sell and requires a mortgage!
  2. Perhaps you might even automate what is sent to people who answer those questions in that way to ensure nothing is slipping through the cracks.
  3. It would also be great if that system permanently stayed in contact with all of those ‘potential’ new sellers and landlords who have done both instant and physical valuations with you in the past, with useful content and not only that but alerted your team should any of them suddenly become active and start reading your content or visiting your website so that you are always in the right place to get the instruction, even if you had forgotten about the lead you did a valuation for months ago Lifesycle makes this dream a reality for 100’s of agents all over the UK.
  4. Not only automatically qualifying their portal leads for them but then placing those leads in pots depending on their answers and following up with those that have properties to sell, or need mortgages etc.

Lifesycle, will stay in contact with your instant and physical valuations forever

Lifesycle will send them useful content and allowing you to show them targeted ads in social media, without you even lifting a finger and then gives the valuer a little tap on the shoulder to remind them of their old valuation that could now be closed when the vendor or landlord is active on social, email or your website reading your content.

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