Like Lifesycle but still stuck in a contract? Move now and we can buy you out of your old Software.

1000's of Estate Agencies are sick to death of their CRM software but stuck in contracts with them. Meanwhile 1000's of their competitors are enjoying the benefits of moving to Lifesycle but now you no longer have to worry as you can move now without having to pay for both.

Like Lifesycle but still stuck in a contract? Move now and we can buy you out of your old Software.

Launched in the spring of 2020, Lifesycle has grown faster than any other software since its inception - transforming thousands of Estate Agencies and how they have worked since. There was even an article featured in Estate Agent Today about us here.

Lifesycle is the world's first estate agent software combining marketing, lead generation and CRM in one platform - perfect for agents that need more stock as we head into the unknown.

However, as much as a company might like the look of Lifesycle, they may have previously signed themselves into a long-term contract and still have some of that contract to run before they can make the switch, all the while leaving their competitors to gain more and more ground on them as they power forward with Lifesycle.

But now it is possible for agents that want to make that change to do it instantly without having to shell out the remainder of the existing contract before they can make the change due to a new initiative that Iceberg Digital have been trialling being made live.

Iceberg Digital have now come up with some options that mean 94% of the time; we can now effectively buy out the remainder of your existing contract, allowing you to start the transition immediately, without being out of pocket and also allowing you to either start building the gap between you and the competition or stop it from getting wider if a competitor has already switched.

Go here to find out if we can buy you from your existing contract and start supercharging your business with Lifesycle immediately.

Hear from some of the UK's best Estate Agents about why they moved their CRM software to Lifesycle...

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