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Uzair is the first Microsoft-approved AI assistant built explicitly for the Estate Agency industry. Uzair helps you perform long-winded tasks in seconds, making you more productive with your time.

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Certified AI-assistant by Iceberg DigitalUzair

"Iceberg is a game changer in terms of levelling up your Estate Agency"

Katie Cromwell - Director of award winning No.86 Estate Agency


Uzair Engage is the ultimate solution to take customer service to the next level.

With Uzair Engage, you can seamlessly turn simple inquiries into meaningful conversations with a higher chance of converting into sales.


Harness the power of your data and show potential sellers and landlords your true demand for their property in your database.. Provide clients with accurate, up-to-date market insights that drive informed decisions and showcase your business as the agent they can trust.

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Use Uzair Engage alongside a Neuron website and Lifesycle to rebuild your website content on the fly based on their specific circumstances to always provide your website visitors with the information they would find most beneficial depending on where they are in their journey.

Discover the ultimate AI assistant designed to enhance your productivity and client engagement.

Uzair provides smart solutions for your everyday tasks, and Uzair Engage helps you cultivate better relationships with your customers.

Vendor & Landlord Care

The public often cites poor communication as a major issue with estate agents. Agents understand the need for regular updates and client care, yet compiling this information can be time-consuming. Sometimes, there's simply nothing new to report. Uzair streamlines this by analysing a property's entire history, including market time, portal listings, reach, online engagement, viewings, feedback, and offers. It then generates a concise, well-crafted summary with suggested next steps for selling or letting the property, ensuring communication is thorough yet efficient.

Property descriptions

Uzair can write compelling descriptions effortlessly, liberating estate agents from the time-consuming task of writing. Without any prompts needed, Uzair can write attractive narratives, showcasing each property's best aspects to potential buyers or tenants like magic. This not only saves agents hours of work but also ensures consistency and quality in every listing, allowing agents to focus on sales and client relationships while Uzair handles the storytelling.

Content creation

Uzair takes content creation to the next level, effortlessly generating engaging blog content for estate agents to enrich their websites, social media, and email marketing campaigns. But it doesn't stop there – Uzair also skilfully designs the emails, marrying compelling narratives with visually appealing layouts. This dual capability saves agents a wealth of time and energy, providing them with ready-to-publish content that resonates with their audience and polished emails that are primed to captivate and convert, all without the usual fuss of drafting and design.

"The secret weapon of top Estate Agencies"

Adam Mackay - Director of multi award winning Mackay Property

Last year Lifesycle generated £55m worth of fees for our clients

“You can be highly effective with your cost of time & cost of money”
"It's like a member of staff on steroids"
“Losing Lifesycle would be like losing a limb"
“Grow by 20% without adding people”
“Everything is down stream of lead generation and nurturing"
"It's the vital conversations that it allows you to have"
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