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Our events are unlike anything you've experienced before - no boring conferences or recycled ideas here. Instead, we bring together top-notch speakers, consultants, and business advisors from around the world to share their innovative ideas and insights with you.

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Step back in time and discover the vibrant discussions, insightful presentations, and connections made with industry leaders and innovative thinkers. Full gallery on Facebook.

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Who is Iceberg Digital?

Founded in 2009 by Mark Burgess and responsible for many innovation firsts throughout the years, Iceberg Digital are the pioneering force behind many of the industry standards you see in Estate Agency today.

Today, Iceberg Digital bring you, Lifesycle, the World's-first Estate Agency software combining traditional Estate Agency CRM and Marketing software in one platform, the industry’s first AI-based website product, and Estate Agency X, the premier destination for all things related to the future of the industry.

About us

AI-based Websites

Neuron delivers personalised experiences to your customers through tailored content based on their profile to increase conversion and generate more business through your estate agency website.

Give your website visitors an experience unlike any other with personalised content, and an interactive journey to generate you more listings.

Neuron AI-based Websites by Iceberg Digital
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