A template guide on how to create great content

When hoping to attract more sellers or landlords, most agents are familiar with the idea of content marketing but actually writing great content is often a stumbling block. Written by best selling author Mark Burgess, this template guide should help you solve that problem and free up your creative spirit in no time.

A template guide on how to create great content

When the listings slow down it is more important than ever for your brand to remain top of peoples thoughts in the medium to long term by constantly pushing great content out into the marketplace, but for many people, it does not matter how long they stare at a piece of paper or a blank word document for, the words simply won't come out.

However, fortunately, just like most other things in life, it is all about knowing 'how to do it' and luckily Iceberg Digital have our very own best-selling author in our CEO Mark Burgess, who has put together this simple to follow template guide that should help you structure your content in such a way as to make the process easier and the end result better.

You can download the template guide for free here.

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