Yet more Estate Agents using Lifesycle complete the Innovation & Growth Programme

Iceberg Digital is proud to congratulate yet more of its Lifesycle clients for completing its infamous Innovations & Growth Programme in the last month.

Yet more Estate Agents using Lifesycle complete the Innovation & Growth Programme

Its been almost 2 years since the launch of the ground breaking software for Estate Agents, Lifesycle. Now 1000's of agents are using this across the country to get ahead of their competition and work smarter.

To compliment the software itself, Iceberg Digital also provide its clients with the Innovation & Growth Programme, designed specifically for those agents that want to excel. The Programme covers areas such as Leadership, Data, Efficiencies, Customer Journeys and Marketing. If you want to discover more about our programme simply click here

The Innovation & Growth Programme is led by our Elite Performance Coach, Rob Brady who advises that "Unlike most software providers, as an Elite Performance Coach, my duty is not to train a company on how to use Lifesycle, but instead inspire them to unlock the knowledge they have in uniquely maximising the platform for themselves, pushing them to their boundaries of growth and personal development. Being a former independent agent, who has worked on the coal face for many years, I personally love seeing the wins our clients achieve during this journey. The transformation is exceptional and something i am very proud of."

Here at Iceberg Digital we love seeing our clients go through and complete the programme which takes commitment and dedication. The programme is not designed to be a walk in the park, but it is designed to ensure that you elevate and maximise your position in your area once completed. This month we are absolutely thrilled to congratulation the following agents for completing the programme and winning their Innovation & Growth Programme award - well done!

Amos Estates - Colin MacLean shared his thoughts on the programme "The transition from the ‘old school’ estate agency to the dynamic, data driven model which is producing such outstanding results for Amos Estates clients has been something to behold. It turns out that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks!"

Giggs & Hone Estate Agents - Well done Garry Hone!

Sterling Homes - Clint Nykamp, Director couldn't speak highly enough of Lifesycle and the programme; "What has lifecycle done for me…..? Lifecycle is like having another member of staff…so if I was instructing that member of staff it would be something like this: 

Thank you for working with us at Sterling Homes, your job description and tasks are the following: 

1. Respond immediately to all enquiries no matter what time of day. 

2. Once the registration form or viewing enquiry form comes back you need to input all of the details in to the CRM - Please do this 24 hours a day so that we never miss an opportunity. 

3. With everyone that has registered I would like you to put them into a customer journey and then remember to email them something relevant every 2 days, then every 7 days, please make sure it is relevant to them and the area they live in or maybe if they are downsizing then send them an article about that etc. 

4. I need you to right hundreds of blogs so that we have a bank of blogs on most subjects to do with moving house. 

5. I need you to compose and send a newsletter every month, on the same day so that it is consistent. 

6. I need you to go through thousands of applicants on the system and put them into audiences and I need you to keep on top of that every time someone registers. 

7. I need you to tell me who is looking at my website and what articles they are looking at so that I can call them with something relevant. 

8. I need you to tell me when my potential clients click on my appraisal so that I can call them at the relevant time. 

9. I also need you to create audiences in Facebook that correspond with the audiences on the system. 

10. I need you to listen to my ideas and then innovate and update the system regularly so that I stay way ahead of the other agents. 

11. I need you to text and email the contracts over to my sign ups and then tell me once they are completed.

12. I need you to track all my clients on their nurture journey, tell me how much they could be worth to my business, then tell me when they convert into business and go through to completion.

13. Make the tea and coffee.

Terms of employment

Salary: £1299 per month 

Working days - 7 days per week 

Hours - 168 hours per week

Breaks - None 

Sickness - Not allowed 

Holiday: None 

On a serious note, when I have time off to watch my kids at a sports event at school or when I take a week off to go camping I know that Lifesycle is in full flow in the background so it gives me the confidence to have time off (although I can’t stop thinking of ideas!!) knowing that as soon as I get back on my laptop I can have a look at who has been active and what they have been looking at. 

M&P Estates - Paul Tobias-Gibbins shared the following video

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