Yet more agents complete the transformational Innovation & Growth Programme.

Iceberg Digital has seen many agents go through and complete its transformational Innovation & Growth Programme in November. Find out who they are and what they think now they are innovators in the industry.

Yet more agents complete the transformational Innovation & Growth Programme.

Innovation plays a vital part in any business, directly impacting increased market share, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Innovation keeps companies relevant, and in an industry with approximately 21,000 estate agents in the UK, this is important and something every agency should prioritise. However, for some reason, it seems that a minority of estate agents adopt this mindset, with the majority applying the same technology and processes they have had for the past ten years. 


Innovation helps you stay ahead of your competition. As mentioned above, this is a MUST in the estate agency industry. Iceberg Digital's clients are amongst the most innovative agents in the country, using its revolutionary new software, Lifesycle. An industry first that combines both CRM and Marketing software in one platform. 


Throughout November, we have seen numerous companies complete the Innovation & Growth programme, proving they are at the forefront of technology and innovation in their industry. Instead of fearing change, they embrace it, ensuring they remain ahead of their competition and deliver the best possible experience for their customers. 


This month's winners are:

  • Love Property
  • Millbanks Estate Agents
  • Alan Cooper Estate Agents
  • Think Estate Agents
  • Harrison Homes
  • Moreland Estate Agents
  • Church & Hawes
  • J P Harll


"If agents want to keep refining and innovating, the Innovation & Growth Programme is a must-do! Thanks to the Programme, I have had some great business ideas and practical changes I can implement in my business immediately." Love Property, Laura Howey


"The Programme will help structure you, and that helps you move forward with your own ideas. It gives you excitement and the urge to keep pushing forward. The Programme delivers more than you expect from the coaching sessions fuelling you with ideas and drive to continue to reshape your business." Think Estate Agents, Jack Shukie


Congratulations to all our agents who have completed the Innovation & Growth Programme. It is not easy and designed to challenge you, so it is a wonderful achievement - well done! If you want to discover more, see our dedicated Innovation & Growth Programme page.

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