Why your call back diary is killing your business

Find out why the trusted call-back diary is now one of the biggest things killing traditional estate agencies. The call back diary - An essential part of agency since, well, forever! But could this long-standing tool be the main thing killing traditional agency?

Why your call back diary is killing your business

The problem with the call-back diary is that it is one of many outdated processes that have been passed from generation to generation without stopping to find out if there is now a better way. The rise of online agents has highlighted this problem because they have looked at how current processes can be improved. This is not to say their offering is better, but the processes they are using are – and the fact is a paper-based manual call-back diary can’t compete. So what is the better solution?

The answer is tracking and nurturing systems, and if you don't have one, you are making life easy for your competition.

How does it work?

When returning from a valuation/market appraisal, you enter some information into Lifesycle, i.e. your thoughts on the property, the suggested marketing price, possibly some comparables etc. This then automatically builds a company-branded web-based market appraisal report and sends that report to your vendor or landlord via email and SMS. But there are several systems that could be used to do that so what is so special about this version?

Now the magic really begins…

Lifesycle will now track your potential client’s activity, but not just when they are looking at the presentation, it will alert your valuers WHENEVER they are looking at their market appraisal or any page on your website, or even any of the content you have postent to social media through the Lifesycle system. This allows you to know how active potential clients are and when the exact right time to contact them is, no matter how long ago you did the valuation.

But that is not all. Just sending them a web-based presentation is still going to get forgotten by the potential new client after a while, Lifesycle solves this as it is a complete marketing system, looking after your content, email marketing, social media marketing and much more from inside one interlinked platform, meaning that the system automatically now knows to pull the potential seller or landlord into a pre-built nurture email journey and to place your content in front of them in social media pushing them through the sales funnel, without you even lifting a finger, and as mentioned before, even if they do turn into a long-term prospect, when they are ready and begin to re-engage with your content, Lifecycle will give your valuers a little tap on the shoulder to say that it is now time to touch base.

Imagine having a system like that, and your competitors made it even easier for you by sticking to their paper-based diary!

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