Why innovation means so much to agents that use Lifesycle

More Estate Agents turn to innovation and complete Iceberg Digital's Innovation & Growth Programme to see the real-world benefits of being an innovative agent.

Why innovation means so much to agents that use Lifesycle

Being an innovator can bring several benefits to the individual and society. For individuals, innovation can lead to increased job satisfaction and achievement. It can also open new opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. 


Additionally, innovators often receive recognition and accolades for their contributions, which can boost their reputation and credibility. It can drive economic growth by creating new industries, products, and services. In turn, this can lead to the creation of new jobs, improvements in the standard of living, and the development of new technologies and processes to make our lives easier and more efficient.


For Estate Agents, this is where the Innovation & Growth Programme from Iceberg Digital plays a crucial role. Agents undergo a long and rigorous digital transformation process with the help of a personal coach to help guide and push them into achieving their goals.


Agents only receive the coveted 'Leading Innovation in Estate & Letting Agency' award on completing all seven core assets within the Innovation & Growth Programme, which takes, on average, six months to complete.


Award-winning companies are often more trusted because they have been recognized for their excellence by industry experts and have undergone a rigorous evaluation process. Assuring customers that the company is a leader in its field, is committed to providing high-quality products or services, and continually strives to be the best.


As we come to the end of 2022, we have had 43 agents complete our Programme this year. The winners this month are:



Steven Beercock, Director at Beercocks, a 10+ branch agency in Hull, said: 


"Completing the Programme has helped me see the long game so much more clearly. I won't be focusing as much on the transaction but more on the customer's journey to get to the transaction, as we now have the software in place to do both. Rob Brady's (Iceberg Elite Performance Coach) ability to break things down into bite-sized chunks finally got me over the line and on to complete the Programme. Lifesycle and Iceberg are so much more than just a CRM. It's a marketing arsenal!"


We want to congratulate all of the winners this month and this year. We look forward to helping even more current and future Lifesycle clients through this Programme in 2023 and beyond.


If you want to discover more, see our dedicated Innovation & Growth Programme page.

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