What is the Proactive function in Lifesycle that points your team in the right direction?

Let Lifesycle help your team find the golden opportunities in your database using AI. Having a huge database of contacts is nice but knowing who and when to make contact with each and every opportunity that lies within that database is invaluable.

What is the Proactive function in Lifesycle that points your team in the right direction?

Lifesycle does not just hold the data that you put into the system like traditional estate agency software’s. It actually works FOR you too, constantly looking to enhance the data held on each and every contact in your system in order to highlight to your team when certain opportunities look most likely to occur in order for your team to be in the right place at the right moment, every time.

There are around 10,000 algorithms inside Lifesycle, that help with this but from a user perspective it could not be simpler. 

Instead of having a system where one contact could be entered several times due to being a buyer AND a vendor etc Lifesycle has one profile for each contact and highlights if they are a Buyer, Vendor, Landlord or Tenant or any combination of all 4.

Not only this but over time it will try to figure out if they are any of those things for you. 

For instance a contact might come into your system as a buyer enquiry from a portal but Lifesycle will automatically qualify them and ask if they have a property to sell, if so it will add the fact they are a potential vendor to their profile, allowing you to always have a great overview of where your opportunities are.

On top of this it will track each contacts activity across your website and social media and create shortlist of people that your team should be talking to in order to hit certain targets such as booking viewings, gaining more market appraisals or winning new instructions.

The days of mass calling, emailing and letter dropping are dead. Lifesycle gives rise to true efficiency in your business for less than the cost of a junior member of staff.

Welcome to the smart way of working. Welcome to Lifesycle.

How will this help me if I am a...

Director/owner of the business: increase the efficiency and productivity of your company. Make sure your team are aware of every opportunity before it even happens.

Valuer/lister in the business: Always know who to speak to in order to get more valuations and listings, never struggle to hit target again. 

Negotiator in the business: Save hours wondering who to call to book more viewings. 

How will this help my...

Vendors & Landlords: Let your new potential sellers and Landlords know that your team do not just sit back and wait for the phone to ring as you have invested in advanced Artificial Intelligence systems that tell you who to contact and when in order to get them the best price in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Buyers & tenants: Rather than being bombarded about properties that are of absolutely no interest on the off chance that you might like it, Lifesycle allows agents to work smarter, therefore cutting down on the amount of unwanted calls and emails.

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