What is the main difference between Rex and Lifesycle?

We asked Kristian Fitchett, Partner at Bartlett & Partners, what the main difference between Rex and Lifesycle is: listen to what he had to say.

What is the main difference between Rex and Lifesycle?

Bartlett & Partners are known for selling expensive homes; however, the price has never driven the company's success. Instead, they work with people who believe in their service and with a wealth of knowledge and a tailored service; it's no wonder they have countless personal recommendations.


Business Partner, Kristian Fitchett, has worked in the industry within the Richmond Borough since 2009, bringing to the table a wealth of experience, knowledge and a true workhorse mentality - ready to go the extra mile to ensure no stone is left unturned.


When we sat down with Kristian last year, we wanted to discover why they moved their Estate Agency CRM to Lifesycle, so we asked him this riveting question:


"What is the main difference that made you leave Rex for Lifesycle?"

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