What is a real story you can tell us about why you love Lifesycle?

Watch this video to hear a true Lifesycle love story and find out how this agent went from starting the week on the back foot to now being ahead on a Monday morning.

What is a real story you can tell us about why you love Lifesycle?

As an estate agent do you find yourself just doing tasks and jobs without even thinking about it?! Do you always feel like you start your Monday morning meeting on the back foot? Having to catch up with things that had happened over the weekend, those viewings that had taken place etc. What about if you had a software that carried on working over the weekend when you’d finally finished that last viewing and gone home. How do you think you would start your week then? What difference would this make to your Monday morning meeting and how your team feels about the week ahead!

Lifesycle is a super-hero working away in the background, allowing your customers to communicate with you when it is convenient for them, NOT when it is convenient for you!

Something so simple made such a big difference to how this estate agent starts their week. Watch the video to see how this agent works smarter and start the week already ahead of everyone else.

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