What happened when you made the switch to Lifesycle?

Lifesycle is the world's first Estate Agency software to combine traditional CRM functions and a marketing system inside one platform but what happens when you start using that in your business? Mark Nicholson of Nicholson Estate Agents explains from first hand experience.

What happened when you made the switch to Lifesycle?

Mark Nicholson, Director of Nicholson Estate Agents, gives his thoughts on how Lifesycle, a platform that combines both traditional CRM functions and marketing, is helping them to generate more listings and the impact it has had on his business.

There is nothing stopping you from moving to Lifesycle, with full migration taking less than 4 weeks on average and our ability to buy out your existing CRM contract, the quicker you make the move, the quicker you will start to reap the rewards.

To find out if we can buy out your current CRM, go here.

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