What exactly is our ‘Innovation and Growth Programme’ and why are our clients shouting about it?

Our Innovation & Growth Programme takes our clients on a strategic performance and growth development plan, unlocking numerous business assets that will help them transform and innovate their business over the course of 6 months.

What exactly is our ‘Innovation and Growth Programme’ and why are our clients shouting about it?

“A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock pile when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.” —Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A few months ago, we launched our Lifesycle Performance Coaching Department as a free additional service to all of our Lifesycle clients. This new department went on to create and finally release our brand new ‘Innovation and Growth Programme’, where we take our clients through a digital transformation process.

This has been implemented by me, Rob Brady, the Elite Performance Coach at Iceberg Digital. After a decade in estate agency at senior level working for an Independent Estate Agency, I decided to align myself with the vision and values that Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital had.

Four years ago I met Mark at The Estas Awards, when I won Best Letting Agent in the region, having literally just read his first book ‘Where Did My Industry Go?’ which dramatically changed how I looked at marketing in estate agency.

I attended one of Mark’s strategy sessions and already had the view I wanted to partner with Iceberg Digital as a client due to their constant drive in estate agency innovation and I used their original platform. Whilst a client, Mark invited myself and a few other clients (now the Iceberg Illuminati) to meet in London once a month to discuss the frustrations they had with current technology suppliers which is where the foundations of Lifesycle were created. It was empowering to be a part of this process and have other agents involved in delivering Mark and Iceberg Digital’s vision of creating a truly unique platform not seen anywhere before and to really help agents.  

Being involved in these meetings and seeing how they aligned with my purpose in life, which is to help others, it started to push me towards wondering if perhaps I could work at Iceberg Digital as a part of their team.

I was frustrated with years of industry suppliers offering something that was then never delivered, lack of support from multiple well-known CRMs, no transformational thinking but instead just expensive training sessions and an endless list of improvements that were promised and never delivered. Whilst a director at an independent agency, I adopted and migrated 3 CRM platforms with around 25 team members, one I even successfully managed to do within a 5-day window due to a supplier error!! I therefore have huge learnings from these experiences and, as I said above, I’ve also used Lifesycle as an agent so have worked on both sides of the fence with this platform. I still see myself as an estate agent working in a technology company. 

The reason for the background is I am passionate to be working at Iceberg Digital, delivering the Innovation and Growth Programme derived from my own frustrations and experience, and I find it so rewarding to be able to see first-hand estate agency owners and their teams really harness technology that has never before been seen in our industry.

After a year like no other in estate agency, the programme we deliver to our clients has helped them refocus and review their successes and also look at what their next set of goals are. By committing to the programme, our clients are truly starting to see, and unlock their full potential. By unlocking and harnessing the power of their own data inside Lifesycle they can now visualise just how much their business’ digital transformation will improve their lead generation, content and customer journeys and this is not even taking into consideration the power of Lifesycle 2.0 which has just been released.

Already over the past few months, we have seen some amazing results from our clients, some now already passing the programme, and others seeing the wins that ultimately come when you have a coach sat in the background championing you to stay committed to unlocking your true potential as a business. They can really see just how much that helps drive you in the right direction towards innovation and growth.

If you are considering your next option in who to align your business with and you are frustrated by your current CRM and other industry suppliers, make sure you stay ahead and harness the true value of your data, marketing, efficiencies and customer journeys. Id love to hear from you and if its Innovation and Growth you are seeking for your agency, then I know you’ll love working with me or one of the team to help you through the digital transformation process which is inevitable to survive and thrive as an estate agent in the 20’s.

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