Uzair: Lowering the Outgoings and Increasing the Customer Experience of Estate Agency

A revolutionary force has emerged – Uzair, the first Microsoft-approved artificial intelligence meticulously designed for the estate agency sector. This article explores the features, advantages, potential applications, and future developments that make Uzair an instant win for Estate Agencies looking to streamline their wage bill.

Uzair: Lowering the Outgoings and Increasing the Customer Experience of Estate Agency

Iceberg Digital pioneered the first Microsoft-approved AI tool tailored for Estate Agents. Unlike solutions integrating ChatGPT, where users must give prompts before it can work, Uzair uses the data inside your Lifesycle CRM & Marketing system to complete time-consuming tasks for you, positioning Uzair as an industry-specific transformative force in the estate agency industry.

Unveiling Uzair's Potential: Completing Estate Agency Operations

As a comprehensive AI assistant within your CRM, Uzair's initial functionalities include simplifying the creation of property descriptions and blogs, two integral aspects of an estate agent's workflow.

Uzair offers an intuitive interface, allowing you to generate property descriptions with a simple click throughout the Lifesycle system. Depending on the property, Uzair will do this with no user input required because Lifesycle allows the owners of new instructions the ability to complete the PIQ online, which Uzair will access and combine with additional information to craft a title, short or long property description into the required fields directly inside the Lifesycle CRM, saving agents hours of work.

Similarly, Uzair's features include content creation for the nurturing side of the Lifecycle CRM; this does require some user input; however, Uzair will guide you with prompts to craft engaging articles, further simplifying the content creation process and enhancing the overall experience for estate agents. Similarly, you can do this directly on the article creation page where Uzair will instantly add the title, introduction, and body content into the required fields in Lifesycle, ready for you to review and publish to your blog and social media. The same applies to creating emails for your marketing or nurture journeys within Lifesycle.

As more and more agents begin to realise the importance of content creation for their business, often overlooked in their CRM, this advancement removes the barriers of hiring additional staff, brainstorming ideas, and finding extra hours within your day to fulfil this crucial but time-consuming task. Uzair allows you to create and schedule all your monthly content, including blogs and social media posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms, including building email templates, in just a few minutes.

Automated Vendor and Landlord Feedback: The Difference Between Having Great Communication and No Communication

Another standout feature of Uzair is automated vendor and landlord feedback, or 'Vendor Care', as it is known in Uzair. Here, Uzair taps into the wealth of data within the Lifesycle system, automating the extraction of crucial information that can take you hours to compile for client feedback. This can include;

  • Market duration
  • Which portals the property is advertised on
  • How many applicants match the emails that have been sent out
  • How many people have looked at the full details online
  • How many viewings have taken place, and the feedback from them
  • If there have been any offers, etc.

Uzair will then offer you suggestions for what you may want to present as the next steps to your client.

This functionality is not just a time-saver; it's a communication and customer experience enhancer, taking you from dreading having to contact your client with 'nothing to say' to suddenly being able to put a positive spin on your performance to date and give some constructive suggestions for the future. Again, this step will remove hours, if not days, of procrastination and, in many cases, be the difference between having excellent levels of communication with clients and having no communication.

Uzair Engage: Turning Website Browsers into New Instructions

Uzair Engage, an optional client-facing plugin, seeks to bridge the gap between estate agents and potential clients. With a focus on turning website browsers into committed clients, Uzair Engage guides visitors through interactive conversational experiences. From property valuations to assessing the specific demand you have inside your own database for a property like theirs, leaving them with certainty that your brand is the one they need access to sell or let their property.

Uzair Engage empowers you to showcase transparency, a mark of trustworthiness that sets you apart in the competitive Estate Agency market.

Future Developments: Paving the Way for Tomorrow

At Iceberg Digital, we have always envisioned a future where innovation transforms the landscape of the property industry. Our vision involves embedding estate agents and their technology firmly into the property industry's future to avoid their being phased out by technology. For the past 15 years, we have discussed our commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies, including AI. It is at the heart of our mission, vision, and product offering.

As Uzair gets ready to take its place at the forefront of PropTech, it is important to note it is only the beginning. Uzair is already performing many more ground-breaking tasks in its test environment, which will take Uzair to unprecedented heights as those functions go live and are available for the agents to use.

While the specifics of many of these functions are still under wraps, some include being able to respond to your buyer and tenant enquiries, register them, match them to properties and scan through thousands of data points inside and outside your CRM to give them a compelling reason as to why a specific property in your area should use your company to sell or let their property. Reporting is another; Uzair's forthcoming functionality will enable agents to ask, "Who is our best-performing valuer and why?". "Calculate our commissions, please", and "Which portal leads to the most sales fees?".

The Uzair revolution is an ongoing journey, and as developments unfold, you can expect to witness even more innovative features that redefine efficiency and client engagement, lowering the outgoings and increasing the customer experience of your Estate Agency. Uzair isn't just an artificial intelligence tool; it promises progress, efficiency, and an unfolding new standard in estate agency technology, now part of the 100's other innovative tools inside the Lifesycle platform.

Learn more about the next steps needed to move from your current system to Lifesycle, have a tour of the product and discover why so many of the industry's leading innovators use it.

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