Unhappy with the service you get from your software?

Never have to sit and wait for days to hear from your software provider again or be left feeling ignored. With a 99% satisfaction rating on support tickets and an average response time of just 28 minutes, Agents are not just moving to Lifesycle for the innovation but the customer service too.

Unhappy with the service you get from your software?

There are few things in life that can fill you with dread as much as having to get in contact with certain company’s customer support departments. Energy companies, BT, HMRC to name just a few are notoriously bad but for agents you can also add their software providers to that list, with both communication and support consistently being rated badly.

Recently many agents reported that their cloud based software was down for a number of days and whilst that can happen to even the best technology companies, many agents reported that they heard absolutely nothing from their providers and worst still could not even get through to them for any information.

Increasingly agents are choosing to vote with their feet on these matters, having perhaps first invested in their software when it was privately owned and over the years of acquisition, now found themselves the customer of a large corporation that are less interested in support, communication, customer service and innovation and more interested in annual price hikes.

So, what can someone expect from Iceberg Digital in terms of customer support should there be any form of issue or question they have if using our Lifesycle software?

We think our support stats for all of 2022 so far speak for themselves:


  • Total number of tickets: 2672
  • 99% satisfaction rating across ALL tickets
  • Average response time of just 22 minutes
  • Average full resolution time of just 28 hours
  • 100% tickets responded to same business day


Aside from what happens when you reach out to us, what are we proactively doing to help our agents?


  • We run 5 live online training sessions every week.
  • We have an online Lifesycle academy that your team can progress through in their own time and become Lifesycle qualified.
  • We have weekly lessons in digitalisation to give agents tips and ideas.
  • We have a full 4-6 month 1-2-1 coaching programme with your own dedicated Elite Performance Coach.
  • We have a searchable knowledge base inside the software full of guides, images and videos giving you the right information on how to do whatever it is you are thinking of at the moment you are trying to do it.


Not enough?


On top of that our CEO Mark Burgess is a best-selling author and has written 2 entire books dedicated to the evolution of Estate Agency and regularly holds in person events and workshops to help agents with their business.


So aside from being the most powerful estate agency software in the world, the service, support and training is world class too.

Watch the video below to listen to Paul Tobias-Gibbins, Director of M&P Estates talking about, how the support from Iceberg Digital has been since deciding to take the plunge and invest in moving their Estate Agency CRM software to Lifesycle.

You can hear from 100’s of other agents on why they left their current CRM and moved to Lifesycle here.


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