'Think' Differently

In this episode of the Estate Agency X podcast, Jack Shukie, Director of Think Estate Agents, shares their innovative journey in the property industry. They discuss digital transformation, business culture, and increasing fees. Join them to challenge norms and embrace change.

'Think' Differently
In this episode of the Estate Agency X podcast, co-host Elite Performance Coach Rob Brady engages in a conversation with visionary Jack Shukie, Director of Think Estate Agents based in Newton Le Willows & Haydock. They unveil the journey of a business that sprouted far from the conventional estate agency roots, igniting a fresh and innovative perspective that has reshaped the very essence of their identity.

Tune in to how Think Estate Agents defied the norms and embraced a forward-thinking ethos. With a keen eye on the future of the property industry and where it is going, Jack Shukie and his team embarked on a path of digital transformation to ensure they remained relevant in client experiences in a digital age where every interaction counts.

Jack unveils the processes that have propelled Think Estate Agents to the forefront of innovation. Through Jack's lens, we uncover the significance of cultivating a thriving business culture that sets the stage for unparalleled success, navigating uncharted waters, as they discuss the mindset needed for seamless implementation of change. But that's not all.. in a competitive market, Jack took the bold step of increasing their fees with success, so they discuss the fears, processes and challenges in doing so, which one regret Jack took from it all.

So, if you're ready to unlock the future, join Rob Brady and Jack Shukie in challenging the status quo, reimagining possibilities, and embracing change like never before here on Apple Podcast

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