The year ahead will change Estate Agency forever and there is no going back

In 2019 we spoke about the technical revolution coming our way in the 2020’s. The past year has speeded this up at an astronomical rate. In 2021, fundamental technologies will change the way Estate & Letting Agents work forever and it won’t be a ‘portal’ that does it…

The year ahead will change Estate Agency forever and there is no going back

The future…Buyers and Tenants register themselves into your database at any time 24/7 and not only receive an instant property match back but fully qualify themselves and are automatically placed into marketing and nurture journeys to help you take advantage of opportunities that have arisen from the registration, such as mortgage or valuation opportunities.

Your systems tell you who is looking at your properties on your website and social media, allowing your team to come into work to a ready made list of people to call in order to get your viewings up.

Your system is constantly gathering new seller and landlord data for you through your marketing efforts and then letting your team know who the best people to speak to today would be in order to get some new listings.

Chasing for viewing feedback is automated.

Your marketing happens automatically 24/7 365 with little or no input from your team.

You team spend ALL of their time talking to the right people at the right time in order to book, viewings, get listings and put deals together.

Your buyers and tenants update all of their information themselves inside your database, allowing you to have constantly clean data with no manual input required.

It sounds a long way off right?

Actually, it's here and it is called Lifesycle 2.

Estate & letting Agency will NEVER be the same again.

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