The missing piece to your vendor funnel

Excitement comes when you receive a lead, you call them, only to be faced with disappointment they are not ready for you to come around and the price provided on the instant val was completely wrong. Despite advising that you can visit them to give a better price, they do not want a face to face chat yet. You need the missing piece to you funnel.

The missing piece to your vendor funnel

So, you spend the time perfecting your advert on social media for your instant valuation tool, carefully selecting the image and obsessing over the wording. Your keen to find local people in your area to complete it so you can call them up to sell their home. Excitement comes when those leads arrive, you try calling them, only to be faced with constant disappointment that they are not ready for you to come around and the price provided on the instant valuation was completely wrong. Despite your efforts in advising that you can visit them to give a better price, they do not want a face to face chat yet.

On average, it can take up to 9 months from someone completing an instant valuation to instructing an agent. This is because they are in the stage of research, working out the approximate value of their home, what they can afford, what problems they might face and what they want to buy. Most people will assume that getting you round to their house too early will be seen as a time wasting exercise or that they will be hounded for a decision straight away, so instead they leave inviting you round until closer to the time when they are ready. This can be commonly seen when someone say, gets three agents round for a market appraisal, they have done this because they have not built up a relationship with any of them before so are still in the stage of ‘Know’, ‘Like’ and ‘Trust’.

Because of the disappointing experience agents have had with lead generation tools, as they were mis-represented on what it would achieve for them, it is now seen as common for people to be putting these leads into a nurture email campaign or otherwise called a ‘funnel’, firing out generic emails to those leads over a set period. With everyone being individual, with different problems and needs, and the market constantly changing, it is difficult to create a set of generic emails that will solve all your future customers unique situations or provide them with a more accurate house price figure, which is what they really need for their research.

This missing piece between an instant valuation and booking in a market appraisal arrived during COVID 19, in the form of Iceberg Digital’s Social Distancing Valuation. Originally created within a matter of days by its tech team, for its clients to use instead of a face to face market appraisal, they soon found out from the data that this new tool was also very useful to send to someone who had completed an instant valuation but wanted a better more accurate price.

Now out of lockdown, where face to face valuations can take place again, Iceberg Digital’s clients have seen the success of the using the social distancing valuation tool link to send to people who have completed their instant valuation. Even if the agent is rejected with the’ I’m not yet ready for you to visit response ‘ on a phone call, a reply to this can now be ‘We completely understand that you may not be ready for a face to face visit just yet, so we’ve made it easier for you to obtain a more accurate figure without us needing to visit. I have sent you a link so you can do this.’ This allows a future vendor, who does not want to have an agent around yet, the ability to upload pictures and provide better information on a form linked directly to Iceberg Digital’s Lifesycle system. From there its clients convert the information into a report and send it back to the potential vendor within 24 hours, providing a better price and comparable information,  all included in the presentation.  

Now in the Lifesycle platform, the prospect now receives email notifications automatically of properties sold nearby them from that agent, along with relevant up to date content sent during their journey of research, meaning they stay well informed of the local property market by that agent.

The magic to it all for Iceberg Digital clients, is that not only are their future vendors are being nurtured 24/7/365, but whenever that person is on their website, reading a blog from social media, email or newsletter, the agent will be sent a notification helping them to reach out when they feel that client is ready for the next chat. Making sure they are in the right place at the right time. They can also use Lifesycle’s ‘Proactive’ section which cleverly highlights the most recently active people across multiple different channels who are ready to move soon.

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