The Lightbulb Moment

Discover Clint Nykamp's remarkable journey from the military to the estate agency in the latest Estate Agency X Podcast. Learn about his success as the owner of Sterling Homes and the inception of GoogleClint. Watch the full episode for valuable insights.

The Lightbulb Moment

In this episode of Estate Agency X Podcast, host Mark Burgess sits down with Clint Nykamp, in his remarkable transition from a military background into the world of estate agency. Clint shares his fascinating journey, which includes working in various agencies with unique fee structures, becoming the owner of Sterling Homes, and establishing GoogleClint, a successful venture that provides Google Ads services to estate agency owners nationwide like him.

Mark begins asking Clint about his early career and the pivotal decision to enter the estate agency industry. Clint recounts his transition from military life to estate agency, highlighting the mindset that he brought from his military service. The discussion then turns to Clint's experience working in different estate agencies, ranging from those with 0% fee structures to those with 2.5% fees. Clint reflects on the challenges and opportunities he encountered in each scenario, offering valuable insights into the varying dynamics of different agencies and fee models.

Mark and Clint delve into his journey as the owner of Sterling Homes, where he shares his experiences of building his own estate agency, discussing the strategies and tactics that contributed to his success, including the moment he realised that walking the streets dropping leaflets was not the way he wanted to do marketing, which led into the inception and growth of GoogleClint.

Listen to it here on Apple or find it on any of your favourite devices.
Also, watch other episode videos here

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