The Avenue to Self Employed Success

In this Estate Agency X episode we sit down with James Humphries-Stone, co-owner of innovative estate agency model The Avenue, currently creating a new version of a self employed model with new ways of innovation and mindset.

The Avenue to Self Employed Success

In this episode of "The Avenue to Self-Employed Success," your host Mark Burgess engages in a conversation with James Humphries-Stone, one of the co-owners behind the innovative estate agency model known as The Avenue. This episode is a must-listen for anyone in the estate agency, as James takes us on a journey through his background, his experiences working in different facets of the industry, and the that led to the creation of The Avenue.

James's journey begins with his early days working for a traditional high street estate agency. He shares how this experience shaped his perspective and provided valuable insights into the industry's conventional practices. From there, he ventured into becoming an integral part of PurpleBricks during its early stages.

The episode then explores James's decision to embark on a new path by co-founding The Avenue. He delves into the driving forces behind this venture, explaining how he saw an opportunity to redefine a fresh and innovative approach, offering a partner agency model that empowers self-employed agents like never before using technology.

Beyond technology, the episode explores a crucial mindset shift for agents – the transition from being solely a hunter to becoming a skilled farmer. James explains why this shift is essential for long-term success in the industry.

If you're an estate agent grappling looking to change your business and set it up for the future, then this episode is an absolute must-listen. Listen on Apple Podcast Here

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