Team meetings aren’t the waste of time you thought they were…

Team meetings are often looked down on, cancelled or not scheduled at all. Here is what you should be doing with meetings to ensure your team is successful.

Team meetings aren’t the waste of time you thought they were…

Team meetings – whether group or individual sessions - often get a bad rap, with many people viewing them as time-consuming and unproductive. However, when conducted with a focus and clear goals, these gatherings can make big impacts on your business, offering benefits that far outweigh the negatives. Let’s talk about the positives of well-run team meetings.

The Power of Productive Team Meetings

Communication: Regular team meetings provide a platform for open communication. Your team is constantly communicating with your clients and potential clients, and according to Forbes, 96% of customers will leave a company due to bad customer service.

With miscommunication being one of the top reasons customers complain, its never been as important as it is now to keep your team informed about market trends, property updates, client expectations and recent client experiences.

Customers expect you to know them and their situations, so create a cohesive team full of knowledge to improve their customer experience.

Collaboration: Team meetings are the best environment for sharing of insights, allowing team members to align their efforts and work cohesively towards common goals.

Create SMART goals together and break down bigger projects into tasks that can be volunteered for or assigned out during the meeting. Set a deadline, follow up in another team meeting and watch your team collaborate, overcome obstacles and celebrate successes together!

Knowledge, Training and Development: Want to hear some scary numbers? According to a recent study by an HR firm: 70% of employees believe they lack the skills needed to do their job, and 59% of employees claim they had no workplace training and that most of their skills were self-taught

Self-taught very often means wrong

Productive team meetings become a hub for knowledge sharing, where members can discuss market trends, share insights on successful strategies, and learn from each other's experiences. This collective intelligence not only enriches the team's understanding of the industry but also empowers individuals to make informed decisions.

Team meetings serve as a platform for ongoing training and development. Whether it's discussing the latest technologies, refining negotiation skills, or sharing best practices, these sessions contribute to the continuous improvement of the entire team. Investing time in training during meetings ensures that the team stays ahead of industry developments and adapts to evolving client needs.

Problem-Solving Efficiency

While unproductive meetings can be a drain on time, focused and well-organized sessions enhance problem-solving efficiency. Addressing challenges collectively during meetings allows for diverse perspectives and quick decision-making. This efficiency ensures that the team can navigate obstacles effectively and maintain momentum in achieving its goals.

Though team meetings may be perceived by some as time-wasting endeavors, the benefits they bring to estate agency teams are too significant to ignore. When approached with a commitment to focus, these gatherings foster networking, facilitate knowledge sharing, and provide invaluable training opportunities. By reimagining team meetings as catalysts for collaboration and growth, estate agencies can harness the full potential of their teams, ultimately propelling them towards success in the competitive real estate landscape.

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