Supercharge your portal enquiries with Lifesycle.

So, your portal enquires currently drop straight into your CRM, then what? What happens if they have a property to sell in your area? Find out how Lifesycle ensures you are supercharging every opportunity from your portal enquiries.

Supercharge your portal enquiries with Lifesycle.

Portal enquires: Both a blessing and a curse. Of course, the point of being on the portals is to get enquires but dealing with all of those enquiries efficiently is both costly in terms of the number of staff required to do so and time consuming. However, the bigger under-lying issue is that those leads contain lots of future listings in them and due to the problems already mentioned many of these opportunities go by the wayside, especially if you are unable to help the enquiry with the specific property they have emailed about.

Lifesycle takes a whole new approach to these enquires that not only saves agents both time and money on resources but also digs through all of those leads to find the gold for you, communicates with them over time with useful content relevant to their circumstances and then alerts your team should they start to move through the funnel towards becoming a new listing.

Once you are using Lifesycle as your CRM you and your team will have a centralised lead deck to see all portal enquires that are both new and in progress plus who is dealing with them and the notes so far. Lifesycle will qualify your portal leads for your team so that when they do contact the person, they already know their buying or renting position and can have better calls but that is not all.

Lifesycle will identify what position these enquiries are in so when it comes to those people that turn out to have a property to sell in your area or those investors that you would like to let you manage their properties Lifesycle will communicate useful, personalised, engaging content about those subjects to those people, showing your expertise in the areas that are of interest to them and always portraying your brand as the expert in the field that appeals to them.

This all takes place while you are busy doing the everyday work and at the right time in the future, Lifesycle will make your team aware that there is a potential deal on the table with some of these people as it starts to notice their interaction with your brand online growing.

You are paying the portals, anyway, stop wasting your time and effort and start maxing out your opportunities with Lifesycle. The world’s only CRM that combines traditional estate agency software and an advanced marketing platform in one place.

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