Segmenting marketing messages

Using Lifesycle to send the right content to the right people every time

Segmenting marketing messages

Traditionally, if you wanted to send marketing communication to your database you would need to upload your contacts via a csv file into an email marketing platform. Audiences in Lifesycle changes this. Lifesycle's centralised data approach, means that any information held on your contacts from any of the actions or information they have shared across the 20+ different marketing tools inside Lifesycle all leads back to the same place and is all held against that specific contact. As an example, if someone is reading a specific type of blog article on your website, it is recorded against the contact automatically. If someone has done an online valuation and given you some information about their property, it is recorded on the same contact. Even if you have been to value their property, the price you valued it at and the status of that market appraisal is recorded against that contact and much more.

Because of this, inside Lifesycle you can choose the type of people you would like to fall into your audience, and at which point on their journey. The system will keep that audience up to date in real time allowing you to run automated hyper personalised marketing to them at the exact right moment, every time. For example, you can ask Lifesycle to build you an audience of people that have completed your online valuation form or told you that they have a property to sell when they made a viewing enquiry. Lifesycle will then build you that audience of people. From here you can have specific emails set up to go to them that may lead them to looking deeper into listing with your company or, you can even run a Facebook ad to those people specifically.

That is just the tip of hyper targeting and is only made possible by the centralised data approach of Lifesycle where you can turn your data into actionable messages.

Now is the time to get the jump on your competitors with this, unless of course they are already using it, in which case – you had better catch up fast or get left behind.

This is a new approach to estate agency marketing and Lifesycle has a whole suite of tools that not only allow you to create useful data but take action on it in a way never before seen in our industry, all while you just continue to do your everyday work.

You can learn more about audiences here.

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