Podcast - Straight Talking

Step into the world of Paul Quinn, Founder of Oakfield Property, and learn how he achieves only a 3% fall-through rate in property sales. Gain invaluable insights into his customer-centric strategies and long-term investment approach, essential for any estate agent navigating today's market.

Podcast - Straight Talking
With 30% of property sales never making it to completion, our guest Paul Quinn, founder of Oakfield Property, has achieved an astonishingly 3% fall-through rate in his agency. How did he manage this? Tune in to discover the way you could approach how you take on properties.

Growing up around market stalls, Paul learned the art of negotiation and customer service amidst the lively banter and bustle of his family's business. These skills have served him well as he ventured into the world of estate agency, setting up Oakfield Property, where his entrepreneurial spirit and resilience shine through. Throughout our conversation, Paul walks us through his journey from dissatisfaction with traditional estate agents to creating his own successful letting agency. He shares personal stories including as a leader, being diagnosed with ADHD, which has challenged and informed his approach to business.

Every property sold tells a story, and Paul's understanding of this has been key to his agency's decade of growth and the move into sales. We explore the heartbeat of his business philosophy—customer service and long-term investment—and how this has shaped his strategies in the ever-changing property market. He opens up about the personal and professional adjustments required in the face of life's unpredictable curveballs, from family illness to the transformation of advertising from print to digital, revealing the agility needed to thrive in this industry.

As we wrap up the episode, we step into the future, considering the impact a strong customer database can have on estate agencies, revolutionising the way agencies communicate directly with clients outside of just advertising properties on Rightmove. Paul offers his insight into the critical importance of investing in marketing and the art of understanding people—whether it's engaging with a widow who just inherited wealth or a client fixated on fees. His honest reflections provide one that merges passion, innovation, and that all-important human touch.

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