Lifesycle now finds new listings in YOUR areas

Perfect for those agents looking for more stock, existing Lifesycle users have been given early access to a new feature that is to appear in the upcoming release of Lifesycle 3.

Lifesycle now finds new listings in YOUR areas

With Lifesycle 3 not due for full release until the Autumn, existing users were given early access to a function that Mark Burgess considers a fundamental change in the way estate agents will operate over the coming years.

The function that Iceberg Digital have been working towards for over two years now allows Lifesycle to continually search through all your existing and new contacts for people that have properties to sell either not yet on the market or on the market with another agent but that have also recently been interacting with your social media, website, or email marketing.

Lifesycle also knows which areas you operate in, down to specific estates you have named with imaginary boundaries. It is continually mining all of this data and presenting new lists of contacts for you to communicate with by phone or to automate communication based on their specific location.

Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, said of the new function: “It works like magic, you come into work, Lifesycle alerts you to a guy, who made a viewing six months ago, that never went anywhere...well, now he has a house to sell that is not yet on the market, on the Nightingale Estate, and he was on your website last night reading your page all about selling".

“Five years ago, we planned out a software that would combine traditional estate agency CRM and marketing software in one. Where advanced marketing automation and tracking would not only carry out the day-to-day tasks of an agency, but also generate new instructions too, and it is amazing to see so many agents using it, and with the release of Lifesycle 3 in autumn bringing even more features and enhancements.”

Lifesycle has also recently launched a way for agents to get out of their existing CRM to move over to Lifesycle without having to pay for both systems by buying agents out of their current contract.

You can learn about Lifesycle here or see if you can take advantage of the buy-out offer here.


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