Lifesycle 3 Arrives

The continual development of Lifesycle rolls into Lifesycle 3 this December, with some of the new functions arriving just in time, considering current market conditions.

Lifesycle 3 Arrives

The highly anticipated Lifesycle 3 connects so many parts of the Marketing and CRM process, from national brands to 1-branch independents, that agents across the UK will benefit from the 1 million data points it will access. Along with the new Taskforce and 'Rocks' dashboard, agents will get invaluable insights and actionable lists on who to call and when to get new valuations, win existing market appraisals, and get more viewings.


Click here to discover more about Lifesycle 3, the new Taskforce feature and more in the latest video release.


Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, the creators of Lifesycle, says: 


"Lifesycle is hands down the best software an agent can use for generating new listings and then selling and letting them; on the flip side, we are non-existent for property management." 


Although deliberate, rather than trying to be good at everything, Iceberg Digital firmly believe that everything is downstream of lead generation.


Lifesycle focuses on generating more sales and lettings listings and, further, helping the agents work more efficiently to get those properties to the completion stage for sales or offer agreed for lettings.


Mark continues, "For us, that is the crucial part of the front office and the lifeblood of the business. Lifesycle is an exciting concept, as the past two decades have seen all-in-one software, classed as Sales, Lettings and Property Management. However, two decades ago, the strategies for winning new business were very different."


Lifesycle's niche approach of winning more business and helping agents get to completion or let agreed quicker has led to it winning so much of the software market in such a short space of time. In addition, there are now so many great solutions for Referencing and Property Management that it is no longer an obstacle for many agents to have more specialised software with reduced staffing costs and increased profit.


To discover more about Lifesycle 3, watch the latest video release here.


Developed by Iceberg Digital, Lifesycle is the World's-first Estate Agency software that combines traditional Estate Agency CRM and Marketing software in one platform. Lifesycle allows you to manage your everyday tasks as an Estate Agent while delivering ongoing communication, gathering automatic feedback, and identifying where the best opportunities for new instructions are likely to be. 

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