Lifesycle 2 - This changes everything...Again.

Is this the end of the traditional Estate Agency software CRM?

Lifesycle 2 - This changes everything...Again.

Lifesycle by Iceberg Digital launched at the start of 2020 and immediately sold out at an event packed out by over 200 of the countries leading agents. Even through out lockdown and beyond Lifesycle has continued to grow and now Lifesycle 2 is set to further reinvent the way estate agents work but include some of the more familiar functions that agents require for everyday work, on top of the magic that already exists.

Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital said: “The people element of estate agency is so important but their technology fights against them. Our agent numbers are growing month-on-month and as we continue to add more and more functions into Lifesycle, it is becoming the only viable option for agents looking to work in a smarter way. With Lifesycle 2 we will change the rules that have frustrated agents for so long around the current CRM and allow them to work on marketing, listings and leads from one centralised platform, with no extras required.”

Nine-branch agency Michael Poole signed up to Lifesycle in September and when asked why, Michael Poole said: “It ticked all the boxes as far as we are concerned to enable us to deal with automation of our increasing business volumes whilst providing good customer service.”

“Also demonstrating the ability to add new ideas to help solve ever evolving ways to be in front of our competitors.”

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While many agents remain unhappy with a lack of innovation from their CRM partners, in the last six months alone, Lifesycle has added a range of features to its marketing, listings and leads platform, including:

• Remote market appraisals

• Landing page web forms

• Instant valuation to remote valuation automation

• Automatically qualifying portal leads and following up and nurturing them based on the opportunities Lifesycle has identified around mortgages or valuations etc.

• Unactioned portal lead numbers showing on the main dashboard

• Monitoring bulk SMS and email campaign numbers

• Setting instant notifications to go to team members when things of interest are happening, such as a potential vendor being on an agent’s website

• Automatically qualifying portal leads by SMS

• Allowing users to top up SMS credits inside the system

• Automatically asking buyers if they would like to know the value of their property every year after completion

Iceberg Digital has also built an entire E-Signature Contract product inside its Lifesycle platform, allowing clients to send out and keep track of their contracts from within the very same system that they are doing everything else from.

Lifesycle 2 will see the release of functions that agents currently have to use out of date or stand alone CRM tools for, brought INSIDE one centralised platform to give them ultimate control over their marketing, listings and leads from making people aware of their company, nurturing them into transactions, carrying out the transaction and through to ever lasting love!

Lifesycle 2 - This changes everything. Again!

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