Lead Generation when the market slows

The relentless record-breaking months can’t continue forever, then what?

Lead Generation when the market slows

Make hay while the sun shines is no bad way to live but we all know our industry is made up of peaks and troughs. Currently, we are in the peak of all peaks but what should we be doing in order to make the inevitable slow down easier to cope with?

Since the release of the first UK lockdown the market has been so busy agents have literally not had time to even think. But while most agents have been busy just dealing with the right now, some have been using this bull market to secure their future for years to come, but how?

For this I am going to give you a real-life example told to us by an agent.

They listed a property and were immediately inundated with enquiries. They tried to get through to as many of them as possible but could not get through to all of them. Of the ones they did get through to they did their best to get them registered and qualified but the priority was just to get them booked in.

They ended up doing 90 viewings.

They sold the property of course and moved on to the next one and such has been the cycle for the past 12 months (at the time of writing).

However, here is how other agents are using that process to build their future revenue…

They listed a property and were immediately inundated with enquiries. They let their Lifesycle system automatically qualify all of their enquiries, letting them know their buying position, property requirements etc all of which was automatically entered against each contact’s profile inside Lifesycle without the agent needing to lift a finger yet.

Of the ones they did get through to they had good conversations as they already knew their circumstances and as such immediately booked in 2 new valuations and 3 mortgage appointments but the total time to follow up with all of the enquiries was just a matter of hours rather than days.

They ended up doing 90 viewings.

They sold the property of course and moved on to the next one BUT from all of the enquiries and viewings they also now have the details of 30 people that live locally and have a property to sell. This information is held against the contacts profile in Lifesycle and as such 2 things will happen.

1.     The agent has a ‘potential’ listing that they can refer to when looking outside of the box in a tough market for a buyer.

2.     The owner of that property will now occasionally see useful content by both email and in their social media about the agent, helping them to have more touch points that any other agent and raise their brand awareness.

As the agent gathers more and more info like this into their Lifesycle system during these busy times their options become bigger and bigger as the market slows down. With Lifesycle now capable of doing all the usual work of a CRM plus looking after the marketing, lead qualifications, nurturing and so much more it has become the only viable way to run an efficient Estate Agency built for the 2020’s.

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