Is your CRM actually making you any money?

Every Estate Agent has a CRM but is it just a glorified excel spreadsheet? Lifesycle users are making 46% more…

Is your CRM actually making you any money?

Estate Agency Software, everyone has one but why? Ok, in basic terms we need a software to upload properties to the internet, book viewings and leave notes but is that really it? In a world of self-driving cars, streaming TV, Zoom chat and Amazon deliveries arriving the same day as the order, is that really the best tech an agent could be using or are they missing out on something so simple that could be doubling their profits?

In a recent survey of users, agents using Lifesycle instead of their traditional CRM reported a 46% increase in their exchange revenue but why?

The answer to this lies in the question of what is Estate Agent Software and what is marketing software?

Most agents would say that they have an Estate Agency Software but not many would say they have a marketing software. However, let’s just look at the functions of that ‘estate agency software’ and categorise if the function is purely about estate agency or if it is about marketing…

Property Matching – Marketing as you are trying to market a property

Uploading a property to the internet – Marketing as you are trying to market a property

Making Window Cards – Marketing as you are trying to market a property

Brochures – Marketing as you are trying to market a property

Booking in Market Appraisals – Marketing as you are trying to win a listing

Booking in a viewing – Marketing as you are trying to sell a property

Sales progression – Estate Agency Software as it is a specific part of estate agency.

So, after all of that, actually agents DO have a marketing software – just a really crappy one.

Lots of marketing tasks are being entered into the traditional CRM’s but the systems are doing nothing, or next to nothing with the information.

Lifesycle is the first Estate Agency Software that is also a true marketing software. In fact, Lifesycle was a successful marketing software before the traditional estate agency software functions were even added to it, allowing agents to not only prospect for new clients by pushing out regular content by social media and email, but to draw in leads using built in instant valuation and ebook tools, segment the data to put the right messages in front of the right people and nurture them through a sales funnel to actually help you generate listings. Then once you have the listing, fulfil all of the usual functions required of uploading the property to the internet, booking viewings, leaving notes, tasks, sales progression etc.

So whilst agents are stuck on the same old systems they have had for 20 years, Lifesycle users are working smarter and increasing their revenue by an average of 46%.

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