Is this the craziest job spec in Estate Agency?

Recently a client of Lifesycle wrote: “Lifecycle is like having another member of staff…so if I was writing a job spec for that member of staff, it would be something like this:

Is this the craziest job spec in Estate Agency?

Here is the Job description, needed to replace Lifesycle, written by Clint Nykamp of Sterling Homes, we loved it…:

Thank you for looking at working with us at Sterling homes, your job description and tasks are the following:

Terms of employment Salary: £15,000

Working days - 7 days per week

Hours - 168 hours per week

Breaks - None

Sickness - Not allowed

Holiday: None

1. Respond immediately to all enquiries no matter what time of day immediately.

2. Register all the details to the CRM for every enquiry and ensure every single one has all qualification questions answered - Please do this 24 hours a day so that we never miss an opportunity.

3. With everyone that has registered I would like you to put them into a customer journey and then remember to email them something relevant every 2 days, then every 7 days, please make sure it is relevant to them and the area they live in or maybe if they are downsizing or investors then send only them a specific article about that.

4. I need you to right hundreds of blogs so that we have a bank of blogs on most subjects to do with moving house. Add 4 new ones each month and post them to our blog, Facebook, Linkedin and twitter each week.

5. I need you to compose and send a newsletter every month, on the same day so that it is consistent and send it to the whole database.

6. I need you to go through thousands of applicants on the system and put them into groups based on who has a property to sell in our area, who is on the market with another agent, who needs a mortgage etc and I need you to keep on top of that every time someone registers, or the circumstances change.

7. I need you to tell me who has been looking at my website and what articles they are looking at so that I can call the best prospects about something relevant.

8. I need you to tell me when my potential listings are reading our content on social media, or on our website or reading their market appraisal or one of our emails so that I can call them at the relevant time.

9. I also need you to download all the different groups of people you keep up to date in the CRM and upload them to Facebook to create audiences that we can run relevant adverts to. This will need to be updated every few minutes to ensure the two systems are the same.

10. I need you to listen to my ideas and come up with your own, then update the system regularly so that I stay way ahead of the other agents.

11. I need you to text and email the contracts over to my sign ups and then tell me once they are filled out.

12. I need you to track all my clients on the nurture journey, tell me how much they could be worth to my business, then tell me when they convert into business and go through to completion.

13. I need you to tell me who has been looking at my properties online.

14. I need you to chase every viewing for feedback at 8am the day after their viewing.

15. I need you to upload all my properties to all the various places I advertise them online.

16. I need you to compile all the stats around how many viewings, MA’s, Offers, sales etc we have done.

17. I need you to keep track of all our sales progressions and show me who is close to exchange, and which sales are falling behind.

15. Make the tea and coffee.

Clint went on to write…On a serious note, when I have time off to watch my kids at a sports event at school or when I take a week off to go camping I know that the system is in full flow in the background so it gives me the confidence to have time off (although I can’t stop thinking of ideas!!) knowing that as soon as I get back on my laptop I can have a look at who has been active and what they have been looking at. Thank you to you, Mark and the whole team at Iceberg, loving the journey so far.

We love you too Clint!

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