Innovative Agent of the Month for May 2021 – Sure Sales & Lettings Burton-Upon-Trent & Derby

Andrew Sharpe is possibly one of the best known Estate Agents in the UK, having spent 4 decades in the industry delivering people to their new homes. But he is now reshaping the roles and processes once again and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Innovative Agent of the Month for May 2021 – Sure Sales & Lettings Burton-Upon-Trent & Derby

Sure Sales & Lettings have multiple branches around the country, but it is the Burton-Upon-Trent & Derby branch that has really started to push the envelope in terms of innovation and as such they are the winners of this month’s award for the Innovative Agent of the Month. But why?

The Director of this particular Branch, Andrew Sharpe, has always been at the forefront of innovation in our industry but it is over the past few months that we have seen the attempt to take this to a whole new level with the automatic segmentation and communication of their database.

Mark Burgess CEO of Iceberg Digital says: “What Andrew is trying to do would be a huge step forward for the marketing that works behind the scenes of their already successful business”.

Content marketing is a reasonably well-known tactic but using state of the art tech Andrew is now segmenting their database based around the types of content they have been reading, and then automatically ensuring the right kind of follow up content lands in that person’s inbox or social media feed.

For example, if one person has been reading about how to arrange a mortgage, they will then be sent something around how well the mortgage arm of company performs, or if the next person is looking at content around how to be a successful Landlord, they will then see something in their Facebook feed about moving a rental portfolio to Sure.

Andrew Said: “Having the ability to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time has been invaluable to the business. We are really focusing on the whole client journey and the experience our customers receive. 


Planning for the future and knowing which clients might be ready to make a decision in 12 months’ time rather than just this month really takes away the feeling of month to month. We effectively know which clients might be ready to move in 9-12 months’ time. 


We are then putting the right content for people ready to move in the next few weeks and content for people looking 12-18 months down the line. Let’s face it no-one likes getting an irrelevant email!


The team love it, they no longer need to make endless ‘cold calls’ to people who don’t want to speak to them. The team are able to make targeted, specific and smart calls to clients who are active and engaging with us, helping them on to the next stage of their journey. 


For example if someone registers on Rightmove and tells us the reason they are moving is because they are downsizing, we are automatically sending them helpful eBooks and content around downsizing. 


I love the fact that I only have to log in to one platform and I can deliver a specific message to a niche audience in multiple platforms.”

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