Innovation & Growth Programme Winners May 2021

Find out which of our agents have completed our Innovation & Growth Programme in May and subsequently won their award.

Innovation & Growth Programme Winners May 2021

Back in April we launched our Innovation & Growth Programme which is led by our Elite Performance Coach, Rob Brady. Rob and his team work with our clients on a Strategic Performance and Growth Development plan, unlocking their business assets that will help transform the innovation within their agency over the course of 6 months. There are various areas which are covered such as Culture & Leadership, Marketing, Data, Efficiencies and Customer Journeys. 


When you start the programme, you are effectively working with a business coach whose ultimate objective is to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Your business coach will give you greater clarity, greater focus, and greater accountability. They will help you think differently, increase your confidence, and help you achieve faster business success.


Rob frequently makes it public why he loves coaching our agents, “Its an awesome feeling to witness when you see clients go through the Programme, which you know has transformed and helped them towards future proofing their company. There is always a light bulb moment within their journey, when they start to view the meaning of their data matched with providing an awesome customer experience”. 


Upon the successful implementation of our plan and the transformation you will see within your business, we will present you with an Iceberg Digital Recognition Award in Leading Innovation in Estate Agency, something to be proud of, shout about and inform your future clients. Only a month in, and already we are incredibly proud to announce that we have 2 agents who have completed the Innovation and Growth Programme, and these are:


  • Andrew Sharpe, Director, Sure Sales & Lettings Burton-upon-Trent


  • Katie Cromwell, Director, No.86 Estate Agency


Andrew had the following comment; “Lifesycle offers so much and it can be overwhelming knowing where to start or even how to start. Going through the new “Growth and Innovation Programme” with Rob, has helped me to start with the basic concepts and move through to the complex utilities Lifesycle has to offer. Turning Lifesycle into a valuable marketing tool to support our activities and strategies, allowing us to have a laser focused, and smart approach, knowing who to call and when."

Katie, shared her thoughts about the programme; “I have loved taking part in the Innovation and Growth Programme. It has shown me how far we have grown and developed as a company and helped me focus on how to make the most of our data and streamline our services. I feel so proud to have completed the programme. The knowledge and confidence I have gained has been a game changer for my business." 


Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital said “Lots of companies will only innovate if everything is done for them. But that is not true innovation, as in most cases that is just fear of being left behind. I believe that true innovation requires total bloody mindedness, to know this is where you are going and no one or nothing is going to stop you. Our Innovation & Growth Programme for agents has been purposefully designed to be hard for that very reason. To show: How bad do you want it?


Andrew and Katie are both shining examples of people that will just find the time and effort to get shit done. No excuses, they realise it is in their own hands and crush it every single time. I am proud to have them represent what an agent working with both Iceberg Digital and Lifesycle is capable of and they deserve their awards for truly leading the way in our industry."


 Congratulations and well done guys, a wonderful example to other agents. Whose going to be on our winners list next month?


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