Innovation & Growth Programme Winners June 2021

Find out which of our agents have completed the Innovation & Growth Programme in June and subsequently won their award.

Innovation & Growth Programme Winners June 2021

Shortly after we launched the worlds most powerful estate agency software, Lifesycle, we launched our Innovation & Growth Programme which is led by our Elite Performance Coach, Rob Brady. If you want to discover exactly what our Innovation & Growth Programme is all about click here. But in summary it is a 4-6 month programme, exclusively for Iceberg Digital clients, which covers various areas such as Culture & Leadership, Marketing, Data, Efficiencies and Customer Journeys. 


When you start the programme, you are effectively working with a business coach whose ultimate objective is to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Your business coach will give you greater clarity, greater focus, and greater accountability. They will help you think differently, increase your confidence, and help you achieve faster business success.


Working with a business coach is proven to have massive impacts for any business owner and therefore we are extremely proud to be able to offer this exclusive service to our clients who are the most innovative estate agents in the country. Upon the successful completion of the Programme, we will present you with an Iceberg Digital Recognition Award in Leading Innovation in Estate Agency, something to be proud of, shout about and inform your future clients. Only a few months in, and already we have had numerous agents complete the programme. This month in particular we are incredibly proud to announce that we have 3 agents who have completed the Innovation and Growth Programme in June, namely:


Rhian Daniell – Alexanders Estate Agents

‘The innovation and growth programme was extremely beneficial for me and the team at Alexanders. We are always looking for new ways to improve our business and with the 1-1 support from the team at Iceberg Digital, we are pleased to have changed our systems, processes and efficiencies for the better to give our customers the best experience. The programme has allowed us to meet these needs and provide an outstanding service. We thank the team at Iceberg Digital for the continued support and highly recommend all agents to complete this programme if they haven’t already!”


Ben Roberts – Keystone PMC

“From day one we have embraced Lifesycle and all of my team members have been involved with every training session available to us. When Rob Brady announced the Growth and Innovation Programme I knew immediately it would be hugely beneficial to our business and was perhaps the push we needed to make sure we were fully utilising and completely understanding the system. The programme itself was fantastic and we ended up with a clear plan to drive the business to even greater heights. Both myself and my team set about putting all the relevant content in place and it’s a great feeling knowing all of our clients and potential clients are being nurtured in the correct way.”


 James Burgess – Elliot Lee

“‘It has been really great having the support of the team at Iceberg, especially Rob, to make sure we are maximising the potential of Lifesycle. Whilst we had an understanding of what it was and what it did, the Innovation and Growth Programme helped us identify areas where we could do more or do things better. We now feel much more confident that we are getting the most out of this incredible piece of kit’


Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital said “Lots of companies will only innovate if everything is done for them. But that is not true innovation, as in most cases that is just fear of being left behind. I believe that true innovation requires total bloody mindedness, to know this is where you are going and no one or nothing is going to stop you. Our Innovation & Growth Programme for agents has been purposefully designed to be hard for that very reason. To show: How bad do you want it?


These estate agents are shining examples of people that will just find the time and effort to get shit done. No excuses, they realise it is in their own hands and crush it every single time. I am proud to have them represent what an agent working with both Iceberg Digital and Lifesycle is capable of and they deserve their awards for truly leading the way in our industry.


Congratulations and well done guys, a wonderful example to other agents. Whose going to be on our winners list next month?


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