Iceberg Digital is proud to announce its latest Innovation & Growth Programme WINNERS

We are so pleased and proud to announce that in the last few weeks we have had several agents complete our unique Innovation and Growth Programme. They really are leading the way in our industry and are among the most innovative agents in the country.

Iceberg Digital is proud to announce its latest Innovation & Growth Programme WINNERS

Shortly after we launched the worlds most powerful estate agency software, Lifesycle, we launched our Innovation & Growth Programme which is led by our Elite Performance Coach, Rob Brady. If you want to discover exactly what our Innovation & Growth Programme is all about and exactly how this supports our clients then click here. But in summary it is a 4-6 month programme, exclusively for Iceberg Digital clients, which covers various areas such as Culture & Leadership, Marketing, Data, Efficiencies and Customer Journeys. 


When you start the programme, you are effectively working with a business coach whose ultimate objective is to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Your business coach will give you greater clarity, greater focus, and greater accountability. They will help you think differently, increase your confidence, and help you achieve faster business success.


Working with a business coach is proven to have massive impacts for any business owner and therefore we are extremely proud to be able to offer this exclusive service to our clients who are the most innovative estate agents in the country. Upon the successful completion of the Programme, we will present you with an Iceberg Digital Recognition Award in Leading Innovation in Estate Agency, something to be proud of, shout about and inform your future clients. We have already had numerous agents complete the programme which takes time and commitment. Therefore we are so pleased and proud to announce that in the last few weeks we have had the following agents complete the Innovation and Growth Programme:


David Long – Newboulds “It is a huge honour to receive the Innovation award. The emphasis of our business is to make sure every decision we make is with our client’s best interests in mind. With the work we have done behind the scenes with technology and AI, means we have more time to spend with our clients to make sure they are achieving their goals.”


Jack Shukie – THINK “The innovation and growth programme has been extremely valuable to our business helping us to innovate and help customers in ways we have never explored before. Rob is an amazing coach who helps you on your own journey. Throughout the programme he gives you the right guidance you need and you can really feel his passion for helping agents coming though, he’s a pleasure to work with and a huge credit to Iceberg Digital.”


Andy Weller – Church & Hawes “The Lifesycle Innovation and Growth programme has been a great experience for me and my team. At the start the programme enables you to assess your strengths and weakness. You are then encouraged to work on the areas of weakness by following a path of gradual steps to success. Customising Journeys has allowed us to send the right information to our database at the right time meaning that clients are receiving relevant targeted content. You will gain a greater understanding of how to identify opportunities within the system and make the most from them. Provided that you are willing to embrace the programme with Rob Brady’s help and guidance it will help you to better understand Lifesycle 2, allow you to unlock further opportunities and undoubtedly give you the upper hand in a highly competitive industry. I remember in April 2020 joking with Rob on a zoom call that I wanted to learn to better understand the Lifesycle system but I would need to start at level 0. Since then I don’t know how many levels we have progressed through and how many more there will be to come but one thing is for certain, seeing the benefit of everything that Iceberg Digital have helped us put in place is highly satisfying. Bring on the next level!”


Abigail Grey – Grey & Co “Going through the Growth and Innovation Programme with Rob Brady at Iceberg has given us a plan for marketing that we’ve never had before and it’s made us look at what we do, what we put out to our clients, the journeys that our customers go on and how we can add more value to their experience with us than ever before. We now have the tools and accountability to work through those points with somebody who has been there and who has done it, we can now get advice to be able to fine tune what we are doing ourselves. We have better knowledge of the new 7.11.4 world that we living in and how to manage that within our own business. One thing that really sets Iceberg Digital and Lifesycle apart, is that they’ve got this programme in place to help their customers take the most away from their software and a lot of other suppliers could learn from that; it’s all well and good selling your customers something, but teaching them how to use it properly is the one key way to make them stay with you. Iceberg themselves are always innovating and brining new things and new tools to the table, it gives you a lot of faith in the fact that this software is always growing and they make sure you grow with them.”


Tony Beales – Millbanks “We were all thrilled to have completed and passed the Lifesycle Innovation & Growth Programme which underlines our commitment to keep the Millbanks brand at the forefront of technological development within the property industry both locally and further afield. In a fast-moving age of tech, especially in property, we have to keep ahead of our competitors by continually developing our brand further and improving our service offering. The Lifesycle Innovation & Growth Programme enables us to do exactly that, by complimenting further our enhanced data driven marketing processes to ensure that the customer journey experience is being continually developed all the time, ensuring that brand Millbanks is always at the forefront of change and innovation.”    


Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital said “Lots of companies will only innovate if everything is done for them. But that is not true innovation, as in most cases that is just fear of being left behind. I believe that true innovation requires total bloody mindedness, to know this is where you are going and no one or nothing is going to stop you. Our Innovation & Growth Programme for agents has been purposefully designed to be hard for that very reason. To show: How bad do you want it?


Our agents that have recently completed the Programme are shining examples of people that will just find the time and effort to get shit done. No excuses, they realise it is in their own hands and crush it every single time. I am proud to have them represent what an agent working with both Iceberg Digital and Lifesycle is capable of and they deserve their award for truly leading the way in our industry.


As the legend, Steve Jobs once said, “ Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”, there is absolutely no denying that our agents that complete this programme are true leaders in this industry. Congratulations and well done guys, a wonderful example to other agents.

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