How to solve the stress and worry of what tomorrow will bring to your business

What will happen if we don’t get all of our pipeline through? Where will the next listings come from? Find out how Lifesycle users sleep easier at night.

How to solve the stress and worry of what tomorrow will bring to your business

As a business owner we all worry about what tomorrow may bring. It does not seem to matter what level of success or wealth you may reach that worrying feeling of ‘what if’ never seems to go away. You may be in the process of trying to build a better future for yourself and your family or you may have already achieved it but the stress of that little voice asking you what you will do if no one lists their properties with you next month, or the month after or if a new player comes to town is always there. Although you may or may not talk about this with your family, it is always there, playing a role in affecting both your personal and business mental health.

This fear is in-built in us and stems from all the way back when we were hunter gatherers and would need to always be acutely aware of how low our food levels were and where the next meal was coming from. And strangely, it is from looking at those times verses how we live now that can help you to solve this stress in your business and personal life too.

Although not true through-out every part of the world, in most modern societies the large majority of people no longer spend much, if any, time at all worrying about where their next meal will come from due to the vast amounts of food that they have stored in their fridge, cupboards and freezer. The early days of lockdown demonstrated that natural instinct is still in us but for the majority of the time, it is not something that stresses us out.

Estate Agency has actually started the process of trying to solve this problem but for some reason stopped only halfway through the solution. For agents their ‘food’ is new listings and then getting those listings through to exchange. Therefore the solution that most if not all agents have implemented is to have a pipeline of their sales that show them how ‘healthy’ their next few months might be and this makes perfect sense.

But it is before this stage that the stress continues to eat away, in terms of where will the next new listing actually come from? Somehow, they seem to keep coming but for many that is more by pure luck than judgement. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a pipeline of these too?

This, less stressful life, is exactly what many agents have managed to achieve through their Lifesycle system because instead of just living day to day, agents are able to actually see all of their efforts that may lead to future instruction and know that Lifesycle is going to keep them top of all of those people’s thoughts.

Not only that, it will alert them when the time is right for the agent to get in touch. As our business matures, we can put those early days of wondering where the next listing will come from behind us and sleep easier at night knowing that we have a huge pipeline of potential new listings that will come on the market at some point. Even if the market slows, you can have confidence in knowing that your system is staying in touch with millions of pounds worth of new potential listings and you will be the first to know when any of them are ready to make a move.

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