How to delight your vendors and landlords with responsive digital contracts

One of the biggest benefits of using digital contracts in order to get your new instructions signed up is that it allows people to sign while on the go. But not all digital contract signing experiences are created equal, so how do you leave your customers delighted and not distraught when it comes to signing up?

How to delight your vendors and landlords with responsive digital contracts

Whether working from home, out at meetings, on the school run or even on holiday, people are increasingly signing documents from their mobile devices. It is a trend that mirrors broader web usage with around half of all web traffic in 2019 coming from mobile devices.

Browsing, banking, filling out forms and more are all common tasks that we now use our mobile phones for but unless your mobile offering is responsive it can quickly turn into a bad experience for your customers.

This is particularly the case for reading through contracts or documents whilst on a mobile. If you have ever been faced with the task of having to read through a document that is not responsive to the size of your device then you will know how painful this can be…Zoom in to read, swipe across to read more, swipe back, scroll down, pinch to zoom out, rotate phone to see if you can get it working, rotate back, zoom swipe, scroll and so on as you desperately try to read through the document before signing it.

But why does it have to be this way? There are some companies that are even still trying to ‘look modern’ by sending out digital page flip magazines, which Iceberg Digital pioneered in the industry in 2009. But come on, that was 11 years ago and now, in today’s world, it is just a painful experience for the user who is more often than not just left wondering why they are having to jump through these hoops to read your document.

With responsive forms and documents, from Lifesycle everything is easy. When you send a new contract to someone for them to sign it will resize your text for their particular device, making it easy for them to scroll through your terms just as they would when browsing a website. No pinching, zooming or swiping required! Just up and down to read through everything.

For the first time agents can now not only send responsive web based market appraisal reports with a button for the seller to simply click to say they would like to go ahead but they can also send their digital responsive contracts out from inside the Lifesycle system at no extra cost, bringing yet another part of their business into one centralised system.

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