How one small tweak to your content strategy can have a 10x impact

The bad news is that all that effort in content won’t move the dial much in your business and if you are doing it then you are probably already realising that. The good news is that with a few simple tweaks, all that effort would be paying off ten times over. Here is how.

How one small tweak to your content strategy can have a 10x impact

No matter if it is sales or a lettings book you are looking for; if you can't capture their attention and generate signals of interest through your software it doesn't matter how great your service is.


13 years into my 21-year journey of running various different businesses I began to learn lessons around lead generation that showed me how to first build a 7 figure business and then allowed me to build an 8 figure business.


Those first 13 years had been filled with mixed success and cold calling. The idea of just getting on the phones or prospecting was not something I feared or that was alien to me having grown up in Estate Agency, Recruitment and Financial Services.


15 years in I was fortunate enough to get to work with and learn from several millionaires and billionaires and again this lesson was hammered home with the obsession around grabbing attention and generating signals of interest through your software as the world continued to change.


It seems crazy now looking back that I would have tried to generate business any other way. I’ll give you an example.


During my days in Estate Agency, if we were short of listings, we would either try sending letters out to people hoping they might come back to us, phone old valuations to see if we could muster up some business or literally just pump out some random advert and hope. None of these ever gave the long-term solution.


In recruitment it was the same. When short of jobs, call any contacts at random to see if they had anything new or call random companies that you have no relationship with and hope to get through to someone.


The opposite of this would be for those businesses to have created a system that led to an endless stream of new listings or job opportunities falling into the top of the company to be actioned that would allow them to just concentrate on working the process. When I first learnt about this, I thought that sounded too good to be true, but it is quite simple really and many successful businesses that surround your everyday life are doing it. The key to it is that you don’t even notice their prospecting but that your actions are tied to their CRM.


For example, you might currently be trying really hard creating useful content for your audience, such as tips around what to do if thinking of selling, or awesome videos of properties you have for sale. You probably also have a CRM that has thousands of records in it hidden away somewhere.

The bad news is that all that effort won’t move the dial much in your business and if you are doing it then you are probably already realising that. The good news is that with a few simple tweaks, all that effort would be paying off ten times over. Here is how.

STOP looking at your CRM to track your sales through to completion and start to look at it as the place to store the details of all your potential leads. A potential lead being literally anyone who has a property in your area or might buy one at some point. The next step is to have a CRM that will track what each one of those contacts is reading on your social media and email and organise them into lists for you.

For example, if you do create a piece of content that is entitled the “3 things you should know if you are unhappy with your estate agent” you can then tell your CRM to keep an eye on who reads that content from your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or directly from your email or website, filter down to ones with a property in your area and pop them into a list for you and your team.

From there you can either set the system up to automatically send more relevant emails to those people, or you can automatically run more relevant Facebook ads to just those people or of course you might just decide that is your list of people to call.

The lists, the content and the tracking are all intertwined to create an infinite loop. Each day new buyers and tenants register with you directly into your CRM. The CRM or your staff qualify them so that the software knows if they have a property to sell or are a landlord/buying for investment etc. Your instant valuations drop into the system. Old completions are in the system and of course all old market appraisals. All of this data is constantly being communicated with either manually or automated by email and social media, but THE KEY part is that it is then being tracked and moved into actionable lists for your team.

Go all-in on this strategy. Flood your business with inbound leads and watch every other problem get solved.

“Using Lifesycle for the past 2 years and then thinking about going back to the way we used to work is unfathomable. I can’t think how we would go back to working how we used to”

Jack Shukie

Think Estate Agents

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