How does Lifesycle help you get to the profit faster?

We asked Paul Tobias-Gibbins, Director of M&P Estates, how Lifesycle is helping his team find the profit in their work faster since they took the plunge and invested in Lifesycle: listen to what he had to say.

How does Lifesycle help you get to the profit faster?

Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, Paul's passion for property (commercial, investment and residential), coupled with his willingness to share his experiences and expertise, has resulted in M&P Estates winning multiple awards across the industry. In addition, Paul regularly writes property articles in local newspapers and is also the author of a popular property blog.


As a family-run business, and with a wealth of knowledge on property and investments, we found it worthwhile to ask Paul this question:


"How is Lifesycle helping you and your team find the profit in your work faster?"


Listen to what he had to say.

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