Having trouble hiring and retaining team members? Your Mission, Vision and Values are key.

The path to inspiring loyalty and to creating a committed team is a question that often haunts the best leaders in the world. Let us show you how to integrate your Mission, Vision and values into your meetings, communications and interviews and make a huge impact.

Having trouble hiring and retaining team members? Your Mission, Vision and Values are key.

Unlocking the secret to inspiring loyalty and nurturing a truly committed team is a challenge that continually perplexes even the most accomplished leaders worldwide. Countless studies, motivational speakers, and business articles are dedicated to this very subject. The pursuit of theories on team motivation spans from offering enticing bonuses to the legendary Friday office lunch. However, all the perks and festivities provided to your team should be regarded as the icing on the cake, not the entire meal. Genuine motivation, the kind that fuels unwavering determination, must spring from within and can be nurtured within your team.

If you aspire for your team to be passionate about your business, you must start with a solid foundation – a clear Vision, Mission, and Values that you not only speak about but live and share with your team.

Vision/Mission/Values – what are they?

The mission, vision, and values of a company can profoundly affect an estate agency team's motivation. These concepts serve as the compass, the roadmap, and the moral code for your business. Let’s briefly break them down (further resources on how to develop a Vision/Mission and Values for your company are just a click away):

Vision: Imagine a ship without a destination; it drifts aimlessly on the vast ocean. Likewise, a business without a vision lacks direction and focus. Your business's vision is your North Star, a clear and compelling statement of where you want to go in the long term. It's the picture of the future that guides your decision-making, inspires your team, and excites your customers.

  • How does this motivate your team: People love to be a part of something and to have a direction that they are collectively pulling toward. Mentioning it through communication and meetings will help keep your team focused on a bigger goal rather than the day-to-day which can be mundane or boring. People who share your vision are more likely to stay motivated and strive towards long-term success

  • How does this help you with recruitment: Sharing your vision for the company and asking someone what they think of your vision is a good start. Listen to their answer intently and it will help you understand if they are a right fit for your business. When you hire individuals who connect with your vision, you're building a team that is passionate about your agency's growth and evolution.

Mission: A vision is the destination, but how do you get there? That's where your mission comes into play. Your mission statement outlines the key activities and objectives that will lead your business towards fulfilling the vision. It serves as a roadmap, guiding your day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and decision-making. People who share your vision are more likely to stay motivated and strive towards long-term success.

  • How does this motivate your team: . When a team has the roadmap of what steps they should take to arrive at your vision, it helps align their efforts and ensures everyone is working toward that common goal. This alignment can lead to increased job satisfaction and commitment, reducing turnover rates. People crave guidance especially when they are unsure. Knowing what to do in even the worst of situations (even if it is coming to a manager or yourself when in doubt), is fundamental to motivating your team.

  • How does this help you with recruitment: Find out what kind of support the potential team member needs, how do they like to learn and what kind of management style do they prefer. Do their answers match what you provide? If not, they probably are not a good fit, will struggle to learn and will ultimately leave or not do the work to your standard. When recruiting, candidates who resonate with your mission are more likely to feel a sense of purpose in their work.


Values: Values are the core beliefs that underpin your business's actions. While the vision is your future destination and the mission is your roadmap, the values are your moral compass. They define the principles and beliefs that guide your business's behavior, decision-making, and culture.

  • How does this motivate your team: When a team all live the same values, there’s a bit of magic there: more gets done, there’s less frustration between team members. When you hire individuals whose personal values align with your agency's, you foster an environment of mutual respect, trust, and harmony. This culture not only improves job satisfaction but also enhances collaboration, making it easier to retain top talent.

  • How does this help you with recruitment: At Iceberg Digital, we explain our values, explain that if you do not fit them, this is not the job for you. Asking them what they think of the value and how they have shown this value in their own professional or personal lives, will get you the answers you need. Your values matter. People who do not match them will not be a good fit for your business and your business will not be a good fit for them.

By integrating your Mission, Vision, and Values into your recruitment and retention strategies, you not only attract individuals who resonate with your agency's identity but also create an environment where team members are motivated and committed to their roles. In the end, it's this alignment that can make the difference between struggling to retain talent and building a thriving, cohesive team. Your Mission, Vision, and Values are more than just words on a wall; they are the keys to your agency's future success.

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