Getting your teams onboard with your vision and values

In 2019 CEO of Iceberg Digital, Mark Burgess, interviewed Julia Langkraehr around how to get your team onboard with your vision and goals. There is so much value in this episode, we thought we would revisit it in light of the changing world around us.

Getting your teams onboard with your vision and values

Back on 24th September 2019 Estate Agency marketing expert, best-selling author, and CEO of Iceberg Digital Mark Burgess interviewed Julia Langkraehr on Sky TV. Julia is an entrepreneur and Founder of Bold Clarity, who work with business owners and their leadership teams to clarify their vision, get the entire company aligned, help them become more disciplined and accountable, and build healthy, cohesive leadership teams. She and Mark discussed the most common frustrations entrepreneurs come across, and how to build, manage and scale using people and teams who are on board with the vision and the systems of the company.

If you would prefer to listen to the episode while driving or working out you can also find a podcast of the episode on the Estate Agency X podcast here

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