FREE Digital Transformation Sessions for Estate Agents in June – BOOK NOW!

Come and join our Elite Performance Coach, Rob Brady, on one of his FREE Digital Transformation Sessions for Estate Agents during June. Find out how the most innovative estate agents are working - Why wouldn't you?!

FREE Digital Transformation Sessions for Estate Agents in June – BOOK NOW!

At Iceberg Digital we run short weekly sessions open for ANYONE to learn small nuggets of information on exactly how some of the most innovative agents are currently working. If you are pressed for time but are curious to find out more about how these estate agents are working smarter not harder our digital transformation sessions are for you. They are completely FREE and you don’t even need to be a Lifesycle client. These weekly sessions are run by our team of Elite Performance Coaches, that are ex agents and more specifically are experts in the digital transformation process that is now flowing through the industry. Each session focuses on a different topic, from how to gain more instructions to creating nurture journeys and automated retargeting. Our coaches cut through the crap and give you the best advice so come and join us, we would love to see you.


These sessions are usually no longer than 20 minutes and are held weekly on zoom. Below is the full schedule of sessions for June 2022, open to both Lifesycle and non Lifesycle users to book a place on using the links at the bottom. Take the next step and come and join us, you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain.


If you are not sure these sessions are for you just yet, then why not benchmark your agency to see exactly how you are performing instead here

June 1st - Building your own database of instructions strategy using 'Heads Up' Property Alerts



June 15th - Expanding your market into new location strategy using 'My Area' in Lifesycle



June 22nd - 'The Hotbox 2 Strategy' - How to find off market properties using Lifesycle



June 29th - Win more instructions from your lead generation strategy using Lifesycle

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