Foundations of Customer Experience: Education

If your community doesn’t trust you, your business will fail.

Foundations of Customer Experience: Education

Are you trustworthy? Would your clients call you authentic? According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual global survey on brand and trust, 88% of consumers surveyed say that trust is critical when choosing a brand to work with. Put simply – if your community does not trust you, your business will fail.

Educating your clients and community about estate agency, the processes and procedures and the state of the market takes finesse. It can help build your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy resource or it can create a larger divide between you and the public. Follow these steps in your marketing and day-to-day operations in order to speak to your audience and gather raving fans for your business.

1. Provide accurate information: It seems simple enough but we live and work in a world where one small misunderstanding or bit of misinformation can destroy your relationship with a client and impact your bottom line.

Provide your team the training and resources they need to give correct information to the client. More importantly, provide them with the confidence to say, ‘Leave it with me and I’ll find out,’ when they aren’t sure. Creating a supportive environment where no one, as Simon Sinek says, is ‘afraid to be the idiot in the room,’ is imperative to not only have a great and confident team but to the ultimate growth of your business.

2. Layman terms: The majority of the public do not understand the ins and outs of estate agency.  In the last ten years, more and more first-time buyers have hit the market, topping out at over 400,000 in 2021. Let’s face it, even experienced clients don’t know enough to do this themselves. With clients who have little to no knowledge of the industry, its not only important to provide accurate information but to make sure it is understood by your client/potential client. 

Explain things in ways that make sense without being patronizing. At Iceberg Digital, we recommend our agents use allegories or stories to explain complicated items or terms. Clients will be much happier if they know that you are the expert, but can also somewhat understand the processes.  

3. Under promise/over-deliver: How many times have you seen marketing with ‘FREE’ plastered across it only to read the fine print to find it’s not so free after all? Don’t oversell your services, it will only lead to disappointment on both sides. Be authentic and do what you say you will.

Education is one of the four parts to providing an exceptional customer experience to your community and clients. Read the other three parts here:

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