Falling In Love With What You Do

For estate agents seeking inspiration and contemplating change, this Estate Agency X episode serves as a compass, offering insights into breaking away from industry norms and embracing a fresh approach.

Falling In Love With What You Do

In this episode, host Mark Burgess sits down and engages in a conversation with Laura Howey, the visionary owner of Love Property, as they dive into the narrative of how she decided eight years ago, to step off the conventional treadmill and reshape the trajectory of her business.

Laura shares pivotal moments that led to a shift in perspective. From her initial meeting with Mark to the realisation of the need for a new direction, she discusses the challenges, breakthroughs, and strategic decisions that have transformed Love Property into the innovative agency it is today.

Discover the secrets behind identifying and attracting ideal clients, establishing fees you deserve, and curating a seamless customer experience journey. The podcast unveils the commitment and determination required to break away from industry norms and embrace a fresh approach to estate agency.

Love Property, under Laura's leadership, goes beyond facilitating the physical move from one home to another. It's about becoming a trusted guide, committed to building enduring relationships beyond the transaction.

If you're an estate agent seeking inspiration, contemplating change, and ready to commit to a new vision, this episode is your compass. Listen on Apple Podcast Here

Or find it on your preferred podcast platform by searching Estate Agency X, and don't forget to subscribe to receive the latest episodes.

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