Elevate Your Estate Agency Business with Mark Burgess, Leading Industry Expert and Mentor.

Calling all ambitious estate agents! Get ready to take your estate agency business to new heights with an extraordinary opportunity. We are thrilled to announce our next exclusive in-person group strategy session with the visionary CEO of Iceberg Digital, Mark Burgess.

Elevate Your Estate Agency Business with Mark Burgess, Leading Industry Expert and Mentor.

Mark Burgess has gained international acclaim as the property industry's foremost marketing, technology, and AI expert. Shortlisted for a lifetime achievement award in the Proptech industry, Iceberg Digital's CEO is a best-selling author and regular speaker, both nationally and internationally, on marketing, data and how to create unstoppable companies. This is your opportunity to sit down with Mark, gain invaluable insights, and discover how to unlock your full potential. 


The next In-Person Group Strategy Session will be held at The 8 Club in London, on Wednesday, 20th September, from 10 am to 12:30 pm.


Join Mark for an enlightening experience that will revolutionise your approach to estate agency forever.


These sessions provide a rare opportunity to sit down and receive expert guidance and unrivalled insights into marketing excellence, advanced technology, and the transformative power of technology with Mark. Learn how to differentiate your business through innovative marketing strategies, harness data, and unlock success with AI-driven solutions. 


Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions, seek advice on specific challenges, and receive mentorship from someone who has successfully navigated the industry. Mark's guidance will empower you to overcome obstacles, refine your strategies, and achieve your estate agency goals.


Here's a great video with Ben Roberts, Owner and Managing Director of Keystone, discussing the transformative journey of working with Iceberg Digital and how this collaboration has impacted his business and personal life. 


Take a listen here.

Moreover, these sessions provide networking and collaboration opportunities, connecting with like-minded professionals and forging valuable relationships that can further fuel your business's success. 


Click here to secure your seat - spaces are limited.

This is a remarkable opportunity to discuss and learn from an industry mentor and business authority to propel your business to new heights.  

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